Top 10 Best Indian DJs of 2014

We have here put together a list of the top ten best Indian DJs and music producers of 2014, a mix of young and old producers who hail from all over India.

The Top Ten Best Indian DJs of 2014

1 DJ Nyk

As Always he is the best DJ in India and number 1 rank given to DJ NYK is justified here.

You r party time... Dj nyk

Your mixing is excellent and I like it...

He is good dj but DJ Akbar sami is better than him...

2 DJ Akbar Sami

I think this man...

Very nice songs of sami bhaui

DJ Akbar Sami, who shot to fame with his first remix album Jalwa has since gone on to produce a number of other hit albums like Jadoo and Jalwa II with popular remixed songs like Raati baaki and Dhagala lagli kal. He has mesmerized crowds globally, and music lovers have always had their evening’s excitement and thrill up to the last minute of the show. His passion for the artful chemistry of mixing Rap, Jazz, Folk, Rock and contemporary music with traditional melodies have had ensured that he is always one of the most preferred DJs in the Industry. He has to his credit a number of awards like the All Asian DJ Championship and Channel [V]’s Best Indian Club DJ. With his recent Bollywood hits like ‘Just Chill’ & ‘Ashiq Banaya Aapne’, DJ Akbar Sami has retained his position as one of the best in the industry - drumbass

3 DJ Shadow Dubai

He is Best Dj in The World. His Facebook fan most than any India dj.

You should update your list because DJ Shadow Dubai is Best and should be on number 1.

Shadow's mixing is good but however the original voice of singer is low pitched and only other treble and bass are come outside!

He should be number 1. Any of his songs is excellent and the way he arranges the music is mind blowing.

4 Akhil Talreja

The Best of World... "DJ Akhil Talreja"... the name is enough...

Your mix is the best

The best foot tampering mixing style

Your remixes is awesome

5 Abhishek Yesugade

This dj deserves to be in top 3!

6 DJ Lemon

Its mixing is awesome and Music beats are not to much Which can Interrupt voice so 10 points to Dj lemon

Hi Bro you are awesome your music is mind blowing...

Way of mixing style

The best dj mixer I like you dj lemon

7 Nikhil Chinappa

Nikhil Chinappa you deserve to be on top ;-)

You have to be in world top 10 list

Best banda ever seen

You have to be in top

8 DJ Suketu

Nice dj in the world

He play good and touches the heart of everyone

He is the best

No messing with champ


He's actually good.. deserves to be in top 5

He is the best... And should be at number 1 in the list

He is the best... And should be at No.3 in the list

Aqeel you are best yr...

10 DJ Chetas

Dj Chetas is the next best Dj after Dj Shadow Dubai. He is the the number 1 in mashup but in song mixing he is just behind Dj Shadow

DJ Chetas is the best!

Only one dj mag top 100 list from India

He should be at number 1

The Contenders

11 Abhishek Mantri

He plays good and he got that personal touch with people

12 DJ Shubham

He's the best dj ever

He is super DJ

13 Ankytrix
14 DJ Ankeat

Dj ankeat is good artist

15 DJ Spinz Feon

Good Bollywood DJ and good artist.

best DJ

16 DJ Thrill
17 Nucleya

He produces great tracks with a set of unique beats...simply one of the best djs out there!

He's awesome. The way he plays and mixes is fabulous.

One of the best DJs in India.

Love uh boy... Make 1 Gujarati song please. Glad hear

18 Audio Addict

Raw talent, much better than the usual music played at clubs these days.

Serious contenders.. fresh, very raw and very talented bunch of people

Duo electronic producers with shocking music

These guys have some jaw dropping drops

19 DJ Lijo

World best progressive house songs


20 DJ Narwal

A dj remixer and producer - narwal96

21 Dualist Inquiry

Listen Lumina, and Isoterra... You'll know why he is so good!

Love his simplicity style...totally mesmerising

His abs are the most beautiful things you will lay your eyes on
i love him

Best dj ever

22 Dj Niranjan
23 DJ Bunty
24 DJ Ravi Rym

I love the remixes song

Best mixes ever make

Best non stop maker

I love you (priya)

25 DJ Ajay Lobo

I think this dj is best dj in pune

Dj ajay lobo is a best dj

Nice dj you r awesome

I love dj ajay lobo

26 Sahej Bakshi
27 Lost Stories

Dude listen to Alan Walker : FADED official remix... the chastity of their creation will touch your heart!

They r the best Indian dj...

28 DJ Rohan SD
29 DJ Gourav
30 DJ Nitesh J Kalamboli
31 DJ Ivan

The best I love stand in front of stage when he plays

Best dj in India

32 DJ Rohan Kapoor
33 DJ Sumit
34 DJ Power Zone

Best in the India.

35 DJ Ayush

Best DJ of Odisha all d time
Hope u to b d best DJ of India

36 DJ Sukh

DJ Sukh is the best live Indian dj I have seen.
Mixing skill is just awesome, and that is without a laptop!

GREAT! LIVE MIXING Indian DJ with real talent from UK
Suited for club events and Indian weddings

37 DJ A Sen (Anurag Sen)

Guys... , he is also one of the best djs in India.. just go through his remixes once.. I'm Damn Sure you'll love'em.. ! Please vote for him..
Few hits from his list;
1) Tera Nasha
1) Gal Mitthi mitthi
3) nosy neighbour
4) love on you
5) dynamite vs I'll be here

38 DJ A
39 Akhtar Fazel
40 Atif Ameen

He is the best progressive house artist I have ever seen in India

41 Dj Orange

Les we forget! That as technically a Dj needs to be perfect... It is equally important to have a sense of how to get crowd into a mood of evening of everlasting trance upon listening to the Dj play... I feel by far Dj Orange is the master in this front... I've listen to many others but no one gets the crowd into swing in mins of him on the deck... I feel he deserves to be in the top 3 list...

Good Music. He is the Best DJ, I have heard so far. Good Music and knows to go along with the Crowd.. One specialty about him is he keeps crowd rocking from his first minute to the end of his show... Likes his music... Love you DJ Orange.

The best music that you can enjoy... With this guy

I like dj orange

42 NS Production Pune
43 DJ Ripple

I like your name it sounds like nipple is best DJ in New Jersey NJ and New York NY. DJ Ripple provides DJ MC Services, Event Services, Lighting, Dhol players, Live Band and Singers, Outdoor and Mobile Sound System.

44 DJ Mack


45 Dj Mk
46 DJ Anand
47 DJ Sunil
48 DJ Samir Thaker

Best DJ ever!

49 Anoydyne
50 DJ Memo
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