Top Ten Indian Fast Bowlers In Cricket


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1 Zaheer Khan

No doubt... He is a great Indian bowler

The best opening bowler fabulous.

He is the only trusted bowler for taking wickets

He is great indian bowler

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2 Kapil Dev

Number 1 swinger. He is amazing

BEST Indian seamer in the world!

First Indian to take 436 wickets. Also has a good swing.

First bowler to take wickets 436

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3 Bhuvaneshwar Kumar

I like you very much

He swings the ball in both the ways and he will be the best bowler of India

Bhuvaneshwar is the all time bowler. He always take wickets in every match

He is who he is and that's enough to describe him.simply awesome🙏🙏

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4 Mohammad Shami

He is very fast in Indian history

Mohammad shami is the bast bowlers in this world cup 2015

Shami all the best for the next match against Sri Lanka

M shami is india,s best fast bowler at present time li am fan of him

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5 Javagal Srinath

He's best indian bowler and first 300+ wicket taker

Javagal srinath is best bowler in Indian team commet hari prasad

He is father of fast boler

6 Umesh Yadav

He is the very fastest bowler in India it's top bowling is152.5

It's very nice bowler in Indian cricket history

It is the very fastest bowler in India

Greatest bowler ever

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7 Irfan Pathan

Fantastic all rounder one of the best

Good bowler

8 Praveen Kumar

I like his swing

Thisis the man in gold

9 Varun Aaron

Varun one of the fastest bowler in the world

India's fastest bowlers who can bowl 154 kmph! - paasadani

10 Jasprit Bumrah

Bumrah is best my favourite bowler

He is the best death over bowler
He is finest pace bowler
This generation he is the best best pace bowler

The Contenders

11 S. Sreesanth

He swings better than others

Best swing bowler

You are super sir

The best test cricket bowler of India.India’s best swing bowler who can do reverse swing as well.

12 Ashish Nehra
13 Venkatesh Prasad
14 Hardik Pandya
15 Prashant
16 Ajit Agarkar

One of the best fast bowler of all time in the world cricket.
Really genius in taking wickets.

What a wicket taking bowler

He is a great cricketer.

Fastest 50 wicket in odi in India

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17 Anil Kumble

It's no. 2 baller for indian cricket team.. whenever indian team need wicket he gave up

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1. Mohammad Shami
2. Zaheer Khan
3. Bhuvaneshwar Kumar
1. Kapil Dev
2. Zaheer Khan
3. Mohammad Shami
1. Zaheer Khan
2. Kapil Dev
3. Javagal Srinath


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