Top Ten Indian Rap Artists of 2015 With the Best Lyrics

The Top Ten


Right person

King Of jammu's Hip HOP

Ooo u r on first...impressive

Aka known as Rahul Bhardwaj rapper.born in 1998 at Jammu city,

2 karan AK

Unknown person

3 Music MG

Mg u r the best

Milliand Gaba. known for his Flow.but not a good Lyricist

I hate u

4 Rax The Rapstar

He deserve no. 1
But whatever because the king is never count with other people

I can't believe that he's on no.4
In my view he's number 1
His music and lyrics are outstanding
Fake list

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5 Manny Rapper

Have a Good Sound

6 Guru Bhai

Good Lyricist..

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7 Lehria rapman

Another Rapper from jammu city.Not just a rapper Also a suberb lyricist

8 rapper Vr

Unknown Person

9 Parry G

The Most Popular Rapper from jammu & kahmir.he had stong flow.already went to IGT

10 Ra-Ghav

Good lyricist,really got power to change the world

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11 Saysee
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