Top Ten Best Indian Rappers 18 Years Old or Younger In 2015

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The Top Ten Best Indian Rappers 18 Years Old or Younger In 2015

1 Marshal Rob Mathers

Till I hear him I don't think so that he should b at top.

He's an amazing rapper havin grt lyrical flow! One of the two Indian outlawzmember thus number 1 he's got rhythm, speed, and flow!

2 Vic-t!M

A rhyming genius! He can make word go fluidic with the grt meaning. After MBR he's the second Indian in outlaw. Got speed, got flow, got rhythm and does got second place


He's an emerging rappe. Much of the people haven't heard him but his lyrics makes u think deep and reconsider it, a that's his speciality

4 Moko Koza

A member at TGR with Vic-t! M, speedy yet flowful. A powerfula multilingual rapper with a very masculine voice they makes his rap go hardcore!

6 Rapper N-Drift
7 Pric
8 Monopoly
9 V Dedha
10 A-kay

The Contenders

11 Swaggy

Mastar rapper music director, song writer in 18 year age.. Watch his fredom song on YouTube just rock it.

12 Victory
13 Neel

The best rapper under the age of 18 yrs belonging to sharma family of Ahmedabad, Gujarat

14 Ice D

His flow is just amazing

15 Lil Thug
16 Arbaz Khan
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