Best Indian Rappers of 2014 Under 18 Years Old

The Top Ten

1 Rahul Bhardwaj Rapper RBR

You have a great future

Blessed Kid


Super raper old

V 2 Comments
2 Neel Kamal Singh

One epic guy with some real talent...

He is a good rapper belong to U. P India

He is a good rapper... Belong to U. P India

3 Dark Kumar


4 Govind Great

It's a great and fastest haryanvi rapper anyone who want to take lyrics then contact at 9812987003

5 Sahil
6 Rapper N-Drift
7 A-kay

A rapper from punjab

He is the best...

Like a kay 47

8 Akr

A rapper from Delhi

9 Syed Ibrahim
10 Sahil Thappa

A punjabi rapper from jammu

The Contenders

11 Pric

Pric, he's new but has got some real talent!
Don't believe me? Check him out on YouTube

12 V Dedha

V Dedha The Hindi Rapper From Delhi
Very Talented Person

13 Nil
14 Hard Kour

A International From Punjab... But now live in UK

15 Raqib the King
16 Samil Ali

Assam India.. Best assames rapper

17 Moko Koza
18 Marshal Rob Mathers
19 Vic-T!!M
20 WTR
21 Vishwaa
22 Munish Lehria

A punjabi rapper from Jammu

Awesome track by d rapman

23 Govindh

A rapper and singer from PUNJAB

24 Ranjhas

Two brothers from RAJASTHAN

25 Little Star

Little star is a good and fadu rapper in India.. He is a multitalnted person in singing and writing

26 CAN-D

Check his song Go International feat JL OF B. HOOD who sung with Tech N9ne, gotta watch out for this super talent.

27 VKT

He is about true hip hop. True to the game

28 Lil T
29 Nizam

He lives in delhi.He started rap because he wanted to impress Raftaar as rapper raftaar was his neighbour.He is just 14 and he raps much better than noddy khan.

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1. Marshal Rob Mathers
2. Vic-T!!M
3. WTR
1. Dark Kumar
2. Neel Kamal Singh
3. Govind Great
1. Sahil Thappa
2. Sahil
3. Syed Ibrahim

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