Top Ten Indian Rappers of 2014

The Top Ten Indian Rappers of 2014

1 Yo Yo Honey Singh Hirdesh Singh, known by this professional name, Yo Yo Honey Singh or Honey Singh, is an Indian music producer, Indi-pop singer and film actor.

Yo yo honey sing all time best no stage him down my birthday and honey Singh is on 15 march I want to be honey Singh

I am a big fan of yo yo honey singh. I like blue eyes very much.

Any body can rap like my yo yo honey singh

You are awesome rapper

2 Bohemia

The best Indian rapper... I can die for #B

He is legend real rapper nobody can replace him ever..

The great rapper ever I seen

He is at number 1

3 Raftaar

He is the fastest singer of India and he has proved it in swag mera desi.

Go for it. hit yo yo so hard that he can never ever dare to challenge you

Faster rapper ever honey sing copy his rap

Faster Rapper is India and Indian Best rapper RafTaar.

4 Badshah

You are too good

Badshah is areal rapper I like your rap is so boyz badshah

Badshah the rapper, lyricist and a well QUALIFIED music director...No one can compete him in India after Bohemia...the god father

You are my favourite singer I am Anurag and I love your she move it like

5 Brodha V

Your rapping skills are great...

Keep going because your doing good

Always proud to Indian music

He is the best...the king of kings in Indian rap industry

6 Adhi (HipHop Tamizha)

Best Rapper in India! Deserve to be No. 1

The west got 2pac and the east got biggie and when it comes to India they say its adhi.. 'Make a move lil fellas adhis gonna win this game'

Hip-hop Tamizha Adhi is the ever in our India :-*

7 Pardhaan

Pardhaan is best rapper

He is the world's best singer.i love his song

8 Rap Immanuel

Thank God! At least someone Knows him.. He is a gospel Tamil rapper.. - paasadani

Love you Rap Immanuel

My favorite gospel rapper

Gospel rap star for god

9 Addy Nagar

Addy nagar is the best Indian rapper. He is the fastest rapper

Addy Nagar you are amazing

Keep going addy nagar you are the best fastest rapper of India.

Addy nagar is the best rapper of india

10 A-Bazz

A bazz is best

Abazz a really heart touching song..

You r the best... Love you

Dull you are v dull

The Contenders

11 Hard Kaur Taran Kaur Dhillon, known by her stage name Hard Kaur, is a British Indian rapper and hip hop singer; as well as playback singer and actress in Bollywood.

She girl is very brave and beautiful and punjabi rapper. But I like one song sadda dil v tu

She is vry good

12 SKC Badshah

I'm voting skc because I like his gangster song it suits with my life too

He is the real hip hop Indian rapper - jkhan

13 Roach Killa

Roach killa my best rapper

Mind blowing flow of voice

Chutiya hai ek no. ka

14 Gnie Fanai

Best rapper ever

He's the real rapper from NorthEAST MIZORAM, he's good all the time. Lyrically he's the best. He got presence of mind. He's the RAP GOD in Northeast. He's the dopest.

He'll be the king oneday

His flow,lyrics,wordplay are way above most of the international,he deserve a better spot

15 Naezy The BaA

Realist rapper alive in the country

His documentary Bombay 70 won Oscar

His Bollywood track Birju went for the Grammy

Listen to his song mere gully mein and aafat

16 Shivam Shivakumar Shiragavi

He is the best in the world

Epic his feat of jutni is epic

17 Nasty Mhatre
18 Syed Ibrahim

Just Go and Check out Liquid Legend and You will know who he is... apart from rapping he is a decent vocalist and keyboardist... and yes and awesome lyricist

Just Check out Liquid Legend Band and you will know who he us

19 Dark Kumar

His rap flow and speed like raftaar. He have good sense of rap

He 've. Good knowledg of rapp

20 Jamil Suleman

Next Macklemore, but better

With our help we can watch him rise to the top... !

Bout to get famous this year!

Check his cuts

21 Akash King Rapper

The Very Best Punjabi Rap Star...
His Famous On Facebook, YouTube & Google

He is real hiphop rapper

The Real Hippoer Akash Rapper

He is real hiphop rapper
He is real hiphop rapper
He is real hiphop rapper
He is real hiphop rapper
He is real hiphop rapper

22 Raahi The Rapper

He is a lyrical monster and he is even better than most ! Check him out and you will come to know

He is very good lyrically and his songs make sense.

23 MC Bijju

Nobody in this world can rap like him..

The fastest rapper in India... U better check out... Kannada rapper

24 Chandan Shetty

Check out his recent no. Halagode.. Great rapping and music..

U gonna get crazy once u watch him... Watch out

25 Rd Dedha Rapstar

4 Best Gujjar Rap Star
His Famous On Facebook, YouTube & Google

26 Badmash

My best rapper I think badmash is first..

The Very Very Best RapStar
His Famous On Facebook, YouTube & Google And Other WebSites

He is my favorite... Yeah sabse badiya hai iska jaisa koi ni

27 Rishabh Rishi Kumar

I am voting you because my name is also rishabh

The RapStar Not Famous

28 Ncube Aka Neykhil Naik
29 Krsna

A much better contender than Honey Singh.

30 Mr. Davesto
31 FireShield

I know he is not best, but I know him personally, he is managing his study and rap simultaneously and all by himself. I am sure in just another 2-3 years he will be familiar to everyone.

Upcoming Rap Star from India

32 Raxstar

Nice flow in speed even Yo Yo can't catch him

Raxstar is deserve to be in top rappers list of world...

33 Gaurav Lodhee

I love his rapping

34 Raqib Rock
35 A.P

One of the most talented and rising rap star from India, I just saw the lyrics and listen only rough cut of his song dilli but truely he is fantastic and his slangs :), basically he is from allahabad but now working from delhi and Mumbai.

He is basically from allahabd but now working from delhi and Mumbai, I just saw his very 1st rap for his debut sond dilli but I can say that A.P. is one of the most talented and 1 of the most rising rap star of India.

36 Rahul Bhatti

3 Best Hindi Rap Star
His Famous On Facebook, YouTube & Google

37 YC Gujjar

His Famous On Facebook, YouTube & Google

YC Gujjar your songs are best

38 Shashank Hindi

6 Hindi Rapper
His Famous On Facebook only

39 Atul RapStar

On Facebook & YouTube Famous

Least rapper non famous and bich rapper you r least that is why I am comment

40 Dmen

Is a best rap when required

41 Royal Pathan

Comming soon bro ha ha ha

42 Ankkit Akka

Become a no1 rapper of
He have such a great sence of music and rapping :)
He deserved the number 1 >3

43 mAd-D

Upcoming star with new style and awesome lyrics

Search me on YouTube by MAD D - MADD

44 Young Sam

Young Sam HYD best rapper from hyderabad

45 Yo Yo Ashish Singh

He is the best

46 Prince Anup

You are amazing your "ego girl" song is really nice

47 Star Gs
48 Yo Yo Toheed King

On Facebook

Facebook : syed Toheed

Pakistan lahore

49 Aniket
50 Jap De Rap

He is the best desi Hindi rapper

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