Top 10 Best Indian Singers of 2015-2016


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1 Hariharan Hariharan Hariharan is an Indian playback singer who has sung for Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Gujarati and Rajasthani films, an established and foremost ghazal singer and composer, and one of the pioneers of Indian fusion music . In 2004, he was honoured with the Padma more.

What a marvelous voice that he has...

Legendary versatile singer...
Gazhal & Melody Maestro...
Magical magnetic voice... Voice variations...
Soulful renditions...
successful singer of singing the best compositions of Music maestros...

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2 Sherya Ghoshal

Best Indian Female singer ever...! - Capshah

3 Arijit Singh Arijit Singh Arijit Singh is an Indian playback singer and music programmer from West Bengal who sings Bengali and Hindi songs.

I love Arjit Singh. He sing a songs very very grateful.
He is always DIOMOND for India.

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4 Atif Aslam Atif Aslam Muhammad Atif Aslam is a Pakistani singer and film actor. His movie debut was the 2011 social drama Bol.

Natural talent know one compare with atif

He has the most attractive voice in the world. We can't explain His singing talent in Words. Just Amazing Atif is. His best songs are :- ( Kuch is Tarah, Jeene laga hoon, Teri Yaadien, Tere Liye...) The best Singer in India. - Capshah

Atif is nice singar. hard tach songs atif is best layar

5 Mohit Chauhan

So emotional Singer 😢. - Capshah

6 Sonu Nigam Sonu Nigam Sonu Nigam is an Indian playback singer, live performer, host and actor. He sings in Hindi and Kannada language films.

He is the best Indian singer because his voice is uncommon and anyone can not copy his voice but provably other singer,s voice can copy many singer. His voice is Enchanter. Anyone can not beat him. Sonu is best undoubtly.

Legend to face Kishore Kumar and Mohammad Rafi. Best Singer... his Top songs are :- ( Suraj Hua Maddham, Main Yahan hoon...). - Capshah

7 Ankit Tiwari

Great Singer... - Capshah

8 Vijay Prakash
9 Yo Yo Honey Singh Yo Yo Honey Singh Hirdesh Singh, known by this professional name, Yo Yo Honey Singh or Honey Singh, is an Indian music producer, Indi-pop singer and film actor.

Best Rapper in the world best Singer love Himmm! - Capshah

10 Darshan Raval Darshan Raval

His Name is Enough... - Capshah

The Contenders

11 Karthik Karthik Murali Karthikeyan Muthuraman (born 13 September 1960), best known by stage name Karthik, is an Indian film actor, playback singer and politician. He is the son of actor R. Muthuraman. He has also appeared in some Telugu films. Karthik has been the recipient of the Tamil Nadu State Film Awards and the more.
12 Chinmayi
13 Kapil Sharma

Nice Singer and Comedian... - Capshah

14 Shaan Shaan Shantanu Mukherjee, known as Shaan, is an Indian playback singer active in Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Urdu, Telugu and Kannada films and a television host.

Shaan Shaan & Shaannn... Great Singer. - Capshah

15 Bastab (Ramen)

He has the most attractive voice in the Indian. We can't explain His singing talent in Words. Just Amazing Bastab is. His best songs are - O meri jaan, Assames song, Etc nice singer - Ramen

Nice voice...

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