Indian States With Worst Mentalities

People of which states of India have the worst mentality; and disregard for the betterment of the country as a whole, but only care about their personal benefit etc.

The Top Ten

1 Bihar

No competition there. Bihar and Biharis are always at the top of the list whenever we talk about anything bad.. Laugh out loud - jimmy12lee

2 West Bengal

Cunning people; more interested in talking about people behind their backs, can't tolerate to see anyone making more progress than them. They live in their own bubble. - jimmy12lee

3 Jharkhand

The other half of Bihar... Can you really expect much? - jimmy12lee

4 Uttar Pradesh
5 Delhi

Not technically a state, but still qualifies if we are talking about poor mentality. - jimmy12lee

6 Tamil Nadu
7 Mizoram

These clowns (as well as the other north-easterners) can't tolerate people talking jobs in their states, but they shamelessly come to other states seeking jobs. - jimmy12lee

8 Manipur
9 Andhra Pradesh
10 Gujarat

The Contenders

11 Haryana
12 Meghalaya
13 Odisha
14 Maharashtra

Maharashtra is the best state

15 Assam
16 Nagaland
17 Punjab
18 Chattisgarh
19 Uttarakhand
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