Best Indiana Jones Villains

I am a HUGE Indiana Jones fan. I have seen every movie at least 4 times each. (Yes, even the Temple of Doom) Here are some of the villains from the series that I think are best.

The Top Ten

1 Rene Belloq (Raiders of the Lost Ark)

"You and I are very much alike. Archeology is our religion, yet we have both fallen from the pure faith. Our methods have not differed as much as you pretend. I am but a shadowy reflection of you. It would take only a nudge to make you like me. To push you out of the light". -Belloq

They're almost two sides of the same coin.

Why not top it with a classic - Ace_of_spades

2 Mola Ram (Temple of Doom) Mola Ram (Temple of Doom)

His voice, his eyes so cruel looking...
His face dimensions should be studied. If you imagine evil face this face will be at top if you see this character...

He was super creepy! Especially how he sacrificed people by ripping their hearts out and then having them get dunked in Lava (sounds fun). But this guy's creepiness is what made him so cool/scary - Spongehouse

Mola ram did not eat a heart he rips it out and lowers a guy into lava and it burns/catches fire I watched the movie a lot plus he is my fave character of all.


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3 Walter Donovan (The Last Crusade)

He would sell his own mother - Ace_of_spades

4 Elsa Schneider (The Last Crusade)

Putting aside the sexiness, she's got a personality, she's a Nazi, and yet SYMPATHETIC, and she's just a lot of fun to watch. - FuzzySlippers

She betrayed him - Ace_of_spades

5 Colonel Vogel (The Last Crusade)

I may not be a genius but, I'm pretty sure that's NOT how they say goodbye in Germany. - Ace_of_spades

6 Irina Spalko (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull)

Russia or not she is still Soviet. - Ace_of_spades

7 Arnold Toht (Raiders of the Lost Ark)

Kill them, Kill them both. - Ace_of_spades

8 George McHale (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull)

Triple Agent!?! Yeah, No. Wait Yes, oh no. - Ace_of_spades

9 Colonel Dovchenko (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull)

There are not many memorable characters in Indiana Jones. - Ace_of_spades

10 Snakes (All)

Snakes, Why"d it have to be snakes? - Ace_of_spades

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