Best Indonesian Badminton Players


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1 Susi Susanti

The only one women in Indonesia that can get 8 medal All England

She is the Best Player in the World.

2 Ricky Soebagdja

Great player and humble - Abdoe

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3 Rudi Hartono

Rudi hartono is Indonesian badminton legend and a role model to the younger generation today, he also gives a lot of achievements to Indonesia

4 Taufik Hidayat

The former world number 1 and former olympic champion. He is very talented player. He is one of the best badminton players in world. He is the legend of badminton. - kormo

He is very talented badminton player! He won the men's singles competition in badminton at the 2004 Summer Olympics. In August 2005, he won the men's singles competition at the IBF World Championships. He also won the gold medal at the Asian Games twice, at Busan in 2002 and Doha in 2006.

Taufik Hidayat was a legend of Indonesia's badminton history

"Simply He is the Best"

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5 Liem Swie King

The founder of jumping smash or 'King Smash'

Liem swie king? I confident word badmintons know this player ^^he is a best badminton player in Indonesia and word

6 Alan Budikusuma
7 Rexy Mainaky
8 Icuk Sugiarto
9 Lilyana Natsir

She is best player

Great talent

10 Imelda Wiguna

The Contenders

11 Haryanto Arbi
12 Tontowi Ahmad
13 Hendra Setiawan

Really silent Killer... Gold medallist Olympic 2008 Beijing... MD specialist

Stabil performance during his career

14 Jonatan Christie
15 Candra Wijaya
16 Sigit Budiarto

A trick shot master. An entertaining player

17 Ginting
18 Kevin Sanjaya
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1. Ricky Soebagdja
2. Susi Susanti
3. Rexy Mainaky
1. Liem Swie King
2. Alan Budikusuma
3. Rudi Hartono



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