Top Ten Indonesian Football (Soccer) Players of 2012

This list based on the performance, achievement, and also the news or gossip in the year 2012

The Top Ten Indonesian Football (Soccer) Players of 2012

1 Sergio Van Dijk (Striker)

Sergio is the best striker in indonesia


He will give pride for indonesian football.. Sergio best Player at this time

Sergio is amazing player, he having everything for player, the best in INDONESIAN, And PERSIB Bandung will succes with player as Serg10

2 Bambang Pamungkas (Striker)

Top 5 in the Asia's footballer of the year. This striker contribution and dedication to his country made him a legend in Indonesian football. - Tony77

He always lead his team with good spirit

He is so coolll and aseome

3 Andik Vermansyah (Winger)

2012 is his year. Even David Beckham recognized his talent. The world also recognized him as a wonderkid in Indonesian football. - Tony77

His fast.. Like a wind...

He is a douche bag

Andik is Jegger to Indonesian and Persebaya 1927. By Syam Muzayin (Bonek Mojopahit)

4 Greg Nwokolo (Striker)

Despite the fact he isn't playing for the national team in AFF Suzuki Cup 2012, he is sensational player in the media. - Tony77

5 Raphael Guillermo Eduardo Maitimo (Defender)

Best winger in indonesia super league


This Dutch-Indonesia player appeared to be the most ground-breaking Indonesian player. After shocking appearanced in Indonesia national team in AFF Suzuki Cup 2012, beat his compatriot from Espanyol, Arthur Irawan, Maitimo proved to be worth enough to wear Indonesia's national football custume. He also made his name in scoring sheet in AFF Suzuki Cup 2012. - Tony77

6 Vendry Mofu (Midfielder)

His talent undeniable, his performance in 2012 proved that he is a rising star. - Tony77

Good midfielder from Semen Padang FC.

7 Firman Utina (Midfielder)

Firman is the best!

8 Boaz Solossa (Forward)

Boaz Solossa?
The best player of indonesia? , yeah
The perfect leader? , yes
The goal poacher? , absolutly no doubt about that!
That's what I think about boaz, so what do you think about boaz?

This is the best football player in Indonesia

Boas Solossa is a Amazing Striker from Jayapura...

Natural and real Indonesia

9 Jhonny Van Beukering (Striker)

2012 is the memorable year for Van Beukering. Born in Netherland, this football player represented as an Indonesian player in AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 for the first time. - Tony77

10 Imanuel Wanggai (Midfielder)

He is international skill

The Contenders

11 Diego Michiels (Defender)

His action is unrespectable but the expectation on him is unresistable to put him in top ten of Indonesian player in 2012. Thanks to the media. - Tony77

12 Ferdinand Sinaga (Striker)

His achievement in 2012 made his name well-known in Indonesian football. Brought his old club to Semen Pandang win the Indonesian Premier League season 2012. - Tony77

13 Wahyu Wijiastanto (Defender)

This Indonesia National player proved to be the best central defender Indonesia ever have. Based on his performance in 2012, Wijiastanto worth to place in sixth. - Tony77

14 Evan Dimas (Midfielder)
15 Slamet Nurcahyo (Midfielder)

Do not like Messi he stinks

Nice bro do you like messi

16 Atep Rizal (Midfielder)

The best winger "Lord Atep"

17 Agung Supriyanto (Striker)

Brought Indonesia U-21 became runner up in Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Cup in Brunei better achievement than the senior team. - Tony77

18 Kurnia Meiga
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