Top Ten Most Infamous Psychological Experiments

The Top Ten
1 Milgram Experiment

Basically, it shows how even normal people are capable of killing. - Pony

2 Little Albert

This experiment had this baby next to white objects. The experimenters would hit a hammer next to Albert, causing him to be afraid of white objects. - Pony

3 Bobo Doll Experiment

That one looked creepy, - gemcloben

It proved that children learn from others. - Pony

4 The Third Wave

It taught kids fascism! The Third Wave was even given a book based on the experiment. - Pony

5 David Reimer

A boy who had its penis burned off by circumsion. After having a sex change, he committed suicide. - Pony

6 Willowbrook State School and Hepatitis

Willowbrook State School intentionally gave mentally disabled children hepatitis. I used to live in Willowbrook! - Pony

7 Nazi Prison Experiments

Do I even need to explain this? - Pony

8 Stanford Prison Experiment

Apparently, the prisoners in the experiment liked the psychological abuse. - Pony

9 Project MKUltra

This experiment involved the CIA and.. LSD? - Pony

10 The Aversion Project

Some crazy psychologist thought that homosexuals needed to be "cured". He was 100% wrong. - Pony

The Contenders
11 The Monster Study
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