Top Ten Infant Sorrow Songs

Infant Sorrow was a fictional band that was created to record the soundtrack to the movie "Get Him to the Greek", a very underrated rock satire/comedy that also has a heart. They only recorded one album full of alternative rock music with some very dark humor.

The Top Ten Infant Sorrow Songs

1 Gang of Lust

Catchy a f. Like all of their lyrics, it's simply provocative, but I would accept this song from a real band as well. - Martin_Canine

2 African Child (Trapped in Me)
3 Bangers, Beans and Mash
4 Furry Walls
5 Going Up
6 The Clap
7 Riding Daphne
8 Just Say Yes
9 I Am Jesus
10 Yeah Yeah Oi Oi

The Contenders

11 F.O.H.
12 Searching for a Father
13 Little Bird
14 Inside of You
15 We've Got to Do Something
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