Top 10 Most Influential Nu Metal Albums

These albums help influence the genre the most as well as leaving a big impact on the music industry in general. Vote for which of these albums do you think was the most influential.

The Top Ten Most Influential Nu Metal Albums

1 Korn - Korn

This and my other recent Nu Metal list were deep in my drafts for a while so I decide to finally finish them up.
Anyway, Korn's debut is arguably the most influential to the genre and in my eyes, it's a straight up classic. - cjWriter1997

2 Adrenaline - Deftones

Both Deftones albums from the 90s were heavily influential to Nu Metal. They are basically tied for me. - cjWriter1997

3 Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park

There's no doubt that one of the best selling rock albums had to be on here. Hitting certified Diamond status, Hybrid Theory stands as one of the most pinnacle albums of it's generation. - cjWriter1997

Later Linkin Park were better though. Honestly a lot of this album sounds the same

4 Around the Fur - Deftones

A classic album, although I prefer White Pony. - Pony

The better of the two 90s Deftones record and a classic as well. - cjWriter1997

5 Slipknot - Slipknot

Slipknot's debut, while not as good as Iowa, is probably the most important record they have done. - cjWriter1997

6 System of a Down - System of a Down

In 1998, System of a Down released their debut classic. It remains one of the best of the genre full of some of their best songs. - cjWriter1997

7 Life is Peachy - Korn

The follow-up to Korn's debut and another very influential album to the genre. - cjWriter1997

8 Significant Other - Limp Bizkit

1998 was the year for big Nu Metal releases, Follow the Leader, System of a Down and this album is no exception, being one of the highest selling Nu Metal albums to date. - cjWriter1997

9 Get Some - Snot
10 Hed PE - Hed PE

The Contenders

11 The Fundamental Elements of Southtown - P.O.D.
12 Coal Chamber - Coal Chamber

Alongside Around the Fur, Coal Chamber's debut helped pushed Nu Metal to new heights in 1997. - cjWriter1997

13 Dysfunction - Staind

Staind released a magnificent album in 1999 that helped the bar raise even higher for the genre than ever before. - cjWriter1997

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