Most Influential People In Indonesia In 2013

There is some people who have great influential to their environment. They not only as a news maker, but they also did something phenomenal which not everyone can do it.

The Top Ten

1 Joko Widodo

He is very well people,

He is a governor of Jakarta Province. Previously, he was a mayor in the city of Solo. But, because his innovation makes the "esemka" car and increases tourism, public support him to run for be a Jakarta Governor. Jokowi even entered the UK magazine "Times" as "Person of the year". (most influential politician)

he sucks

2 Raffreds Northman

He is a blogger and novelist. Start a career as a blogger, he made an article "8 Universitas Termahal Di Indonesia" that has been re-released by more than one million online sites across Indonesia. His blog "The Raffreds Dictionary" also ranks as the No. 1 blog with education and university content (most influential blogger)

3 Iko Uwais

He is a main star of "The Raid". Since his debutes, he always offered to play a foreign film, even Hollywood. But, unfortunately, he refused due to taking care his new marriage and family. he just take one foreign film "Men In Tai Chi" (most influential actor)

4 Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

He is the sixth Indonesian President. He twice won the election with fantastic vote, making his personal name and his party "Demokrat" become populer in Indonesia. Not only about politics, his personal life was also the subject of news reports. One of them is The First Lady, Ani Yudhoyono and her instagram. (most influential politician)

5 Syahrini

She is Indonesian recording artist under Pelangi Records. Begins with a supportings artist, Syahrini transformed into the best Indonesian pop diva to compete with Agnes Monica. She has released for albums since 2008. As a first-class singer, syahrini often invited to premium events, one of which Paris Fashion Week (most influential pop star)

6 Joe Taslim

He is a supporting star of "The Raid". Similiar to Iko Uwais, since Joe debutes in "The Raid", he always offered to play a foreign film, even Hollywood. More fortune, he was cast as a supporting player in sequel Hollywood movie "Fast & Furious 6" where he played with Paul Walker. (most influentiial actor)

7 Ayu Ting Ting

She is a dangdut singer. Her career started since her song "Alamat Palsu" blowed up in local television. Since then, she often appears on T.V. either as a singer or a guest star in talk show. Not only as a singer, infotainment also makes her personal life as the main ingridients gossip news. (most infulential dangdut singer)

8 Fatin

She is beautiful girl with amazing voice

I love her voice

She is Indonesian recording artist under Sony Music Entertainment. Her debutes started from a singing competition "X-Factor Indonesia" and she won a competition. Her first song "Aku Memilih Setia" entered at the various chart as positions number 1 and the most downloaded in Indonesia. As well as the album "For You" get 7x plantinum selling. of the year. (most influential newcomer artist)

9 Andrea Hirata

He is a novelist. The book with the title "Laskar Pelangi" made his career raising rapidly as the Indonesia number 1 Author. Not only in Indonesia, "Laskar pelangi" has also been re-released by the publisher in Europe and America, in more than 20 countries with title "Rainbow Troops" (most influential writer)

10 Olga Saputra

He is Indonesian comedian. Started the career since he was a child made people known him well. He acts various events on television, from comedy situation, to talk shows. But the unique is all show featuring him always in the top rating. According to a source, he is currently the richest Indonesian artist with the net income more than 4 millions a month. (most influential comedian)

The Contenders

11 Patrick Hensley Jr.
12 Patrick Hensley
13 Prabowo Subianto
14 Anies Baswedan

Basuki Cahaya Purnama (AHOK)

Ahok is one of the most influential figure in Indonesia. He is incumbent governor from minority ethnic and being a governor replacing jokowi who took presidential throne last 2014. Ahok is famous due to his breakthrough to crack down corruption in jakarta province. He engaged in frontal different opinions with house of representative of jakarta province.

Ahok's movement to run independently ( but now deciding to use political parties) has made a collision with politicians due to the trust crisis toward parties out of ahok's decision. Ahok eradicated wild settlements along the river banks, near central of business district, overcoming the flood in metropolitan city of jakarta and many others. Foremost, jakarta governor election is almost likely presidential election on account of ahok's popularity and the scare of his rival.

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