Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and F├╝hrer of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. As dictator of Nazi Germany, he initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September 1939 and was a central figure of more.


Without him the USSR probably would not had expanded as a world power causing the cold war, the British empire may not had collapsed and the disgust the world held for what the Nazis did led to a shift of human rights ideals. Its not impossible that japan never had the courage to attack the U.S. as well, leaving the U.S. still in isolation policies. The current world would be very different indeed. Even as evil as he is his impact on the world changed the 20th century.

Hitler to me is the most influential personality of our time. The strongest, mightiest, most insightful and the most patriotic of all human beings who rose from the gutters to the pinnacle of power all by his own effort and knowledge of how things should be. For your information he is studied most in the high degrees of most secret societies. To a comrade I say my greatest respect of all time.

Nobody is a bad human being, there is only bad actions... Like Anne Frank said, nobody can truly be evil, and there is always good in someone... Although I didn't agree with A LOT of what he did, he still did pretty influential things to countries and nations across, along with some improvement in technology...

Are you joking? Is this just an American Idol site? Has there been any hack on this side to vote Hitler this far down? He wasn't any Hero at all, for most, at least...
He has been some Austrian guy, who tried to conquer the world. In my eyes he was a moron but he changed more than anybody could do in history. He is the worst Badass of all time. And how could he be that low in this rating. He was the one who really has shown mankind the not so kind site. He is the reason to evolve people and showing all of us, how not to be...
If this hasn't been an accomplishment, what it is, then? Shall we all stay cowards and letten be situations and will ever learn about anything? Hitler made us more human and if he didn't, why are we still living...

Hitler this low shows how dumb people are. Jesus at #1 alone let mankind look dumb, but Hitler not even in top 10 is really showing what idiots are voting here? Is there a bot voting? I mean, is this really what people think? Hitler led in to one of the darkest hours in the history of men and still is one of the most influential. He changed cultural importances like none before. To make sure how ridicuolis some names above him are, I will name some:
Michael Jordan, a Basketball player, serious?
Tupac Shakur, a Hip Hop artist, really?
Walt Disney, a guy who has made famous cartoons, still not influential like Hitler...
Has someone with a loads of Twitter or Facebook followers made people vote in his mind? Seems like that people forgot, what history is about and that mostly politicians are the ones who are and will changing history. Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedung and many others had influence on this world like no others. But Hitler maybe wasn't the most brutal one but he ist ...more

He absolutely shaped our modern world with the giant war he started, and lead a movement that has become the face of intolerance and hatred. If he had never been born, we would live in a completely different world today.

Even though he was 100% insane, he was able to brainwash his entire nation, and make fell like he was doing the right thing, GENIUS

In modern history Hitler for sure. Which dead person is still so much in the media than him? He does not deserve it, but he is maybe the most influential person in history.

Convinced millions that he was the best man alive. He did win Life magazine man of the year and was able convince millions that Jewish people were less than human.

This man single-handedly changed the world as we know it. He was a brilliant leader, and a very loyal and patriotic man. He went through hardship to become the chancellor of Germany and waged war on what he thought was the right thing, and the country backed his ideas. I commend his influence on society. - DannyBoy

Just ask people if the heard about Hitler and you will make your conclusions why he is the most influential man of modern history

All the voters of something above this didn't read the title of this list. Jesus didn't influence anyone but the disciples. Hitler was clearly the most influencial person ever because he convinced an entire country to believe and fight for something totally ridiculous.

He ignited fires of war, responsible for starting world war 2 and cold war, which propelled technology to great heights.

It's annoying when people are gifted with smarts and use this gift for evil

I think he has done more than any man on this planet ever dreamed of doing

Billions of people follow Jesus. Christianity is the most followed religion in the world!

He may have had a negative impact on the world, but he was still hugely influential. His influence grew with each person his Nazis killed.

The description of this list says that the person could have mave a good impact OR a bad impact. So because of that, I think Adlof Hitler is one of the most influential people of all time.

If he won the world war II. I think there is no question of cold war.

He's my role model. To me he is my god. I think about him every night. He changed my worldview

How is Hitler not higher on this list?

It's Hitler guys.
Jews still check under their bed for him every night, come on.

Convinced millions of people that Jews were evil.

A true pioneer in the unique mustache world

Adolf Hitler was a fine gentlemen. He deserves lots of kindness!