Jesus Christ

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Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem, Palestine. He was born to Mary, as the bible says "she was found with child of the Holy Ghost" (Matthew 1:18). He was both man and God (John 20:28). According to the bible He is God alone (Deuteronomy 6:4). more.


Christ's teachings, even in a secular perspective, led to Europe's reform to Christianity (starting with the Roman emperor Constantine). This led to some very big struggles, such as the Thirty Years War and the Crusades, as well as other conflicts such as the Great Schism and of course, the Reformation. None of these monumental historical events would have occurred if it weren't for Christ's teachings. Of course, Christ's teachings led Europe to become more pious and develop a regional unity through religion -- naturally, Christ didn't intend to cause any conflicts. His teachings also paved the way for the rise of Islam in the Middle East, which was also quite monumental, as Islam had spread from the Middle East, to Africa, to central Asia, even to Indonesia. Christ's teachings motivated people to do great things, to conquer their fears and fulfill an insurmountable duty, such as Joan of Arc leading the French armies against English invaders in the Hundred Years' War. His teachings ...more

Leaders and founders of charismatic movements have a comparative advantage on the scale of influence, compared with scientists, politicians, or literary philosophers. The actions and motivations of later individuals can be more directly traced back to the actions and ideas of leaders who are themselves outspoken and charismatic; thus, the charismatic leaders' influence becomes more readily apparent and well-established.

It's no coincidence that in the current top five are the founders of three of the world's major religions (Jesus, 1; Mohammed, 2; Buddha, 4). Mahatma Gandhi (3) and Adolf Hitler (5), likewise were founders of charismatic movements, the former for peace and the latter for war.

Religion especially often serves as a uniquely strong motivating force for a person's actions. Given that 2 out of every 7 people alive today profess Christian faith, and given that Christianity has made significant inroads on every inhabited continent, it is entirely fair to say ...more

Jesus has revolutionised every life on the planet since his own life. He not only is the only man to claim being the Son of God himself (which I personally believe) and still have a majority of the world believing it but people today still don't deny the fact that he existed. Unlike leaders of other groups who have all died and bodies can be found, Jesus didn't care for it too much so he just shook death off and just came back to life, even after that he didn't bother with death again just went straight up to heaven. There are many other beliefs made by so called prophets that he was like them just another messenger of God, but he was whatever you believe he has made a greater influence/impact on everything that has every happened on this earth than anyone else to exist. Something that can't be compared to and will never again happen until his return.

Jesus Christ is easily the most influential person in history, coming in just above Muhammad. He brought about a New Age of history, of a loving and infinitely compassionate God, and not a vengeful one. The concept of a God that would pay the ultimate price to save us as opposed to destroy for our wrongdoings was so revolutionary that, in the first and second centuries, the Bible was just called the Good News. And that good news has created a religion that is still going strong 2000 years later, and is in fact the largest religion in the world by 500, 000 people.

Jesus Christ (YESHUA) is Lord and Savior, the best of the best, a perfection above perfection, and the Only Holy One. He knew how to deal with every circumstance in the most Righteous and Justified way. There is no other person in history that could have accomplished the things as tremendous as he has done. Jesus Christ stands for what is truly right, and that is the peace, love, and prosperity of all nations. He is the love and justice that people seek, and he will never stop loving all of us. He will do whatever it takes to save us all from a horrible fate and make things right within this universe. He is the ONLY Way, the Truth, and the Life, and through Him will we achieve victory over every obstacle and enemies we face within our lifetime. Love unites us all, and helps us accomplish many things. Nothing is impossible for JESUS CHRIST (YESHUA). Now come children of the only living GOD, and let us eradicate all of the injustice and darkness that surrounds us by doing what is good, ...more

Intellectually, without superstition, Yeshua of Nazareth was without doubt the foundation of Western moral thought, and the basis both for what would later become compassion for "the other" and the unifying theory of human equality. It is difficult to separate Jesus from any element of human thought and approach to how we judge moral behaviour. The social elements of humankind are difficult to reconcile with the self interested elements of individuals. Within evolution, they have given man the upper hand to become what he is today. Jesus voices those aspects, one might say contradictions, that seeks to condemn a speck in someone else's eye and not the bolder in our own. He represents psychologically the moral compass every person possesses - to do undo others as one would have them do to him - the much needed challenge every person must pose to himself, something others have called "make your own bed first before you go changing the world." - sonixelectronix

God created all of us, nothing would exist if God had not created the Earth. We live in a broken world. We live this way because of sin, the sin Adam and Eve created for us all in the beginning. And our lives do not stop. We do not die. All Christians are taken up into heaven where we meet him face to face. We will rejoice and live in heaven until Jesus returns. He will save all the people on the Earth. He will return when every single person least expects it. It could be tomorrow, could be a 1 million years. Then he will destroy this broken Earth. Destroy our bodies and we will be given new ones. Perfect bodies. All pain and suffering gone too. I can't wait for this to happen.

Jesus Christ is the definition of INFLUENTIAL. He taught us by the way that he lived. He is completely BOSS! Who do you know that would die on a cross, nails in his hands and feet. Betrayed by his own people. And still be the Savior to over 5 billion people in the world! He IS the reason for the season. And he looks badass in his photos. Pentecost: "This Jesus, delivered up according to the definite plan and foreknowledge of God, you crucified and killed by the hands of lawless men. God raised him up, loosing the pangs of death, because it was not possible for him to be held by it." Talking about awesome!

Even the calendar we follow is based on the traditionally reckoned year of the conception or birth of Jesus of Nazareth, with AD counting years after the start of this epoch, and because denoting years before the start of the epoch. What more reasons to believe that He is the most influential person in the world

Jesus is loved and respected in every major religion. And He has to be the most talked about person of all time on earth. Whether you agree that the fullness of diety is truly in Him or not you got something to say about Jesus. Just to name a few; Christians obviously talk about Jesus, Muslims talk about Him, atheists talk about Him, Jews talk about Him and the list goes on and on and on. His teachings are profoundly imacculate. There's nobody like Jesus the Christ, anyplace nor in any era. He's a perfect figure of love and never promoted violence upon other others. I could go on and on about Christ but I'll leave you folks with a couple questions. Who is as distinctive as Jesus? Who is as powerful as Him? Who is as courageous as Jesus? Who is as compassionate as Jesus? Who is as loving as Jesus?

He was, is and will remain the most influential person. He is the creator of the history because/AD. Non can compare with Him. He is the Lord of all. There is no salvation without him. He is perfect role model for human being. He is the saviour of the world. Who gave himself as a ransom for others.

Since his birth, more books published about him, known in each generation, in over 2800 languages 10 times the one in 2nd place, The Bible being the top published in the numbers billions, almost six times more than the book I 2nd place. Yea, I would say he is the world's most known person to ever live (a short 33 year life on earth) and still counting. Most songs written about for a single life.

I don't see any reason to argue. Stats of all time prove the point that Jesus is the most influential not only in this world, but the whole universe and the unknown realms. Angels bow down and even nature obeyed him. I believe he is GOD!

Jesus The Messiah the Christ the Saviour creator of the heaven and the universe. He died selfless to save the world. He preached peace, love, and understanding. He Healed the sick, prayed for his enemies, never shed blood, fed the hungry both physical and spiritually. He has compassion for the weak in society. He is God of all gods, King of kings, LORD of lords. He died and was raised up alive. He sits at the right hand side of God the Father in the heavens. He shall return to reign as King of Glory

Reasons to praise him
He woke me up this morning
I got up off my bed
Walked to the bathroom
Took a shower
Walked back to my room
Put on my clothes
Made breakfast
Brushed my hair
Brushed my Teeth
Didn't forget anything for school
Caught my bus
Got to school on time
Had friends to talk to
Was taught a lot in class
Ate lunch
Went to band
Had a pizza party
Went home
Ate dinner
Did my homework
Got to go on
This is just from a small, ten year old, fifth grader, so imagine what he can do for you.

Jesus the Christ preached a philosophy of love, acceptance and understanding. He avowed a philosophy of non-violent protest. His teachings are acknowledged by most of the world's mono-theist religions, regardless of whom they claim as prophets after the fact. His birth/life changed the course of civilization. While I don't believe he is the "son" of the creator, his life and philosophy can't be denied.

Oh come on it's Jesus we're talking about. I don't think there's anybody in the world who would actually agree on dying to save billions of sinners who don't deserve it. Such unselfish act will make me ALWAYS, always believe in him and God and always try to do what the Bible says.

People have started wars in the name of Jesus and some of these have been atrocious. I honestly believe though that if it were not for his teachings this world would have ended already. The most powerful country in the world still has people put their hand on the book containing his words before testifying in court, that should say enough about his character, the only one without sin!

The whole world counts how many years have passed since his birth. Every time we even mention any date, appointment, calendar event, we actually articulate how much time has passed since his birth. Our complete system circulates around him. For this reason alone he is most important person of all times, by a wide margin.

One man with no resources no address no family, or social media, born in a stable and died on a cross, who succeeded just in 33 years to have 12 disciples and over 2 billions followers with over 2000 years still existing organization. He must be such a great and unique visionary inspirational master of all time in transformational leadership and sustainable development.

This one man's life has caused wars, miracles, and revials. Governments to rise and fall. People to adore him and to question him. He changed the lives of every human being around the world, and people are still reacting to his life two thousand years later. No one life has ever empacted this world as we know it like this man, Jesus.

Jesus showed the way for the world to live in peace through love demonstrated by his self-sacrifice. He never lifted a sword and died a humiliating death; yet 2,000 years later He remains the most influential figure in history. The truth of His message was so powerful that it continues to resonate today as the best hope for humanity.

Jesus all the way! He was the son of a poor Jewish carpenter not a prince, King, Military leader and yet we talk about him. Even after 2000 years. Books are written everyday about him. People claim to see him or Try to prove he is not god. They fight about Him. For Him. Just a carpenter's son?

Even if you don't believe in Jesus, you know his name. He's inspired millions of people and even if you aren't Christian, many of the lessons he taught can apply to everyone, like the Good Samaritan.

No. 1 is Jesus the Christ, sinless man who brought only good news to the human race, he warned of what was to come and offered salvation thought his innocent death unlike Mohammed of Islam who pretty much is the opposite. So this ranking is correct that Jesus is most influential with satan no.2