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Muhammad (570 AD - 632 AD) was an Arabian Prophet, best known as the central figure (And last prophet) of the Abrahamic religion of Islam and is amongst the most revered and important historical figures in the world.


He was the best man who walked on earth he was am man of humility and justice orphan since birth but obedient to the mother heaven is under her feet so be sure to love her. He came when people buried their daughters alive. He was liberator of all women rights. Stoned at atiaf and angel Gabriel came down from haven and said give me one word and I will crush the mountain upon this village but he said no just let it go maybe a descendent of these people will worship ALLAH the one and only who. When he fought in battle he gave rules like no other he said do not burn trees do not kill the elder nor the children nor the women just fight those who attack you. People who say he is a murderer their liars they are jealous. He said a women entered hell because a cat she failed to feed. Children would run up to him and he was sure to smile at them and give them sweet fruit dates at the time when children were scared to talk to their own dads. The prophet Muhammed said the best of you in character ...more

Indeed our prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the best among the influential person because he his the only person who supremely successful in political and religion level and Islam has fastly developed religion compared to Christian in 1400 years Muslim have 1.6 billions followers where as christian in 2000 year 2. Billions see the ratio 1.14:1 and even in Christians have nearly 20 to 25% peoples are Atheist whereas in Islam mostly are believers. Converts to Islam are mostly educated and volunteers and Christians converts illiterates and poor by showing money.

Muhammad SAW (peace be upon him) is complete human being shown his life to the world to live with peace and dignity. If anyone read his biography will find that he was a great philosopher, brave warrior, good father, lovely husband, sharp minded with excellent entrepreneur.

Muhammad SAW (peace be upon him) has brought the equality in humankind and gender. AAP presented the power and love of ALLAH, who is one, who has not any shape, not any sculptures.

In quaran (most reading book in the world) has described the presence of all prophets (messanger of God) and their messages, and undoubtedly Muhammd SAW (Peace be upon him) is the last messenger of ISLAM and ALLAH.

A man of true justice. Recognised by the U.S. Supreme court itself, stands among the "great lawgivers of history". Not one soul can deny he changed not only pre-Islamic Arabia but the world.

One man. Born in such a backwards society that none of the superpowers of the 7th century (Byzantine, Persian and Sassanid Empires) even thought of conquering Arabia simply because they had no hope. An orphan child. An illiterate man. Born in the middle of the desert. Wore nothing but a simple robe even when he could have lived as a king. He has captured the hearts of billions since his existence. He defeated and crumbled tyrannical empires. One man. 1400 years later and his message continues to grow, continues to spread and continues to capture new minds and hearts. "40 years he lived a normal life. Suddenly he becomes a political leader. Military leader. Religious Leader. Law maker. Teacher. Imam. Father. Husband. All of this was done within 23 years. Impossible." The ...more

Amazing beyond description... Hard to say enough about how true my great this man was... More influential than anyone else will ever dream to be. I respect Gandhi but Muhammad pbuh and Gandhi can't be put on the same list together. Please educate yourself before you talk about this man who gave up everything so that you and I could join him in heaven. Please respect him all you can by following his examples and being the kindest, bravest, and humblest human you can be. Prophet Muhammad is a treasure to the human race. He's the best and most powerful human that will ever walk this earth because he preached the truth. He truly believed in Allah, and that is why he is still remembered today. That is why he's the best human of all time.

Majority of historians regard Muhammad as the most influential human being of our history. They are right. Any student of history would agree, given that he is not biased.

Who was Jesus? A religious leader? Who was Alaxender? A military conqueror? Who was George Washington? A political leader? Who was Shakespeare? An influential author (poet actually)? Who was Aristotle? An influential philosopher?...

Well who was Muhammad? ALL OF THE ABOVE!

He was a religious leader. He was a military commander. His political achievement changed the entire course of humanity. He wrote the Qur'an.. He was a diplomat.. He was just everything!

He SINGLE-HANDEDLY changed the entire course of human history...

That is why all historians put Muhammad as THE MOST influential human that ever walked on planet Earth!

Prophet Muhammad was a prophet of peace and love to the whole world. His teachings influenced billions around the world. Moreover Prophet Muhammad told his people that his message is universal. He believed in peace and unity, and spread his message using the word. However, people in our modern day are interpreting it the wrong way, they are translating the holy book the way they want, they basically take what they want, and leave what they don't need... Prophet Muhammad seemed for forgiveness for those who believed in him, and those who didn't. He treated every one equally, he gave his servant from the same clothes he wore, and let him he eat for the same plate he ate with, and let him sleep on the same mattress he slept on... At last, I would like to ask the readers to acknowledge that not everyone he says he is a muslim represents islam, like ISIS they claim to represent it but they actually do the opposite, fellow readers don't judge the whole religion and prophet based on what the ...more

Man with great streak. Man of his words, never broke a single promise in his entire life, prophet of Allah almighty, a person for whom this whole universe is created, Allah's most beloved creature, best teacher, even his enemies have a trust on him, had biggest battles of all time which all he won without even being physical, one and only person who have seen Allah, never harmed anything, anyone even never harmed his enemies, no one and mean it that their is no one who can challenge him and win, even if one starts writing about his good deeds and about what a great person he was, I mean it that trillions of years are too less to write about him

Here's a man who had garbage thrown on him, was stones and bled while preaching, had his uncle's body desecrated by his enemies, exiled from his home, ridiculed by his own tribesmen, just because he proclaimed that there is only One God. And then when tables are turned and the time comes when he has absolute power over the very same people who caused him so much pain and agony, he FORGIVES them all! Such is the magnanimous nature of this beautiful personality. No one was like him before his time and no one will be able to match his character till the end of time!

He is the greatest man. Whole of his life he spend on people to make them understand that allah is the creator and allah is the only god. He asked people to bow only to allah. People used to torture him. He had sacrifice whole of life to make almighty allah happy. Today, mashallah, there are more than 1.5 billion muslim are there, from which more than 1 billion people love's him more than their respective parent!.

We might agree with some while shun others of this list. Rather acting disputed, we must not falter in the ways of respect. For all we might know, for those who are men of God and believe in God, people on this list might be favored more highly by God than others on this list. Whatever the cause, maintain respect, avoid arguments, and just be content on common beliefs. Muhammad (PBUH) cannot be regarded by everyone as bad and by everyone as a saint and every bit of a true prophet. However, his leadership in its magnitude has rescued Arabia from its downfall and led to higher resonance of Peace. For those who shun this great man, if you are indeed regarding yourselves as humans, and regard yourselves intelligent, than go forth without any prejudice, envy, slander, and most importantly, assumptions. We must learn about the reality between everybody on this list (may they be forever remembered and loved by the masses), with an open mind. Vile prejudice nor misconception can't be the way ...more

Jesus(PBUH) is not God! He is a messenger sent by God who sent Muhammad(PBUH) as his messenger as well! I am a Muslim and do not differentiate between Jesus(Isa) and Muhammad (Peace be upon them). I give the same respect to both of them! May Allah guide us all

People should be respectful to all messengers of God, I also love Jesus(pbuh), but Muhammad (pbuh)is The best, as he is HABIBULLAH; and in accordance to his lifetime, he (pbuh) has lived it the best, influenced the most, and now(today), and after, continuing to conquer hearts of people.

Peace Be Upon Him. Today, Islam is the fastest growing and most practiced religion, so he (PBUH) is obviously the most influential person. More than 1 billion Muslims say "Peace Be Upon Him" after hearing or saying his name, there is no man who has ever come or will ever come like him.

Definitely one of the greatest men whoever set foot on this earth. we must be honored for having a human being of this status, character and teachings. He aided Muslims to understand the book of ALLAH (God). He was an amazing Prophet just like Jesus, Moses, Abraham and many others but Muhammad is the seal of Prophet hood. He fought for monotheism best thing one can do is learn and study his life to understand how profound and remarkable he was as a prophet, teacher, leader, father, military tactician, leader and many more. a lot of respect is shown to all prophets but learn about these remarkable men first remember knowledge is power.

Muhammad is perhaps the only man ever who was

A good businessman, a person who never lied (pre Islamic record), a great or probably the greatest poet ( if going by the claims that he was an imposter), a great military leader yet a great advocate of peace (Treaty of Hudaibiya which was a peace treaty is considered the greatest victory), a pro-educationist (Quran started by word Read and his Hadees on seeking education in China), a revolutionist, a abolisher of slavery ( Bilaal, the best eg. ), a law maker ( Islam probably has laws on almost every situation or their is a scope for amendments or further additions), a orator, a strategic planner, remover of racial and gender based prejudices ( the last sermon and order to stop killing girl infants), a moderator ( ended the civil war in Medina), a jovial person ( nicknaming fellow companions), religiously tolerant ( helped build churches), a social manager ( had 9 wives ), a human and animal rights activist ( rights of men, women ...more

Peace Be Upon Him. Prophet Muhammad was a true leader of the all people. He taught us to be kind with poor, children, women, men, etc. He taught us to present ourselves for the one and only God (ALLAH). No God except ALLAH. And Jesus will be 'reborn' again to save us from Dajjal. The one who taught us to look down toward women, children, to kill innocence of people!

People often regard him just as a religious preacher. He was a statesman, a political hero, military genius and statesman. Born and brought up in harsh environment of Arabia among barbaric pagan tribe. He not only preached the message of god beautifully but changed the heart of people who hated him to the core. His life is a living example of patience, endurance and determination. One should not be prejudiced about views on him by listening to others but one should read about him. He has 1.6 billion followers which cannot happen over message of hate.

Thank you.

No one can justify comparing any other man with the prophet of Allah, (God). He was and is the greatest example of perfection in character, morals, patience, justice, worship, piety, leadership. In all fields he was perfect. All humans should know him and live by his examples. Only by doing that can one obtain salvation, and there is no other way. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

Peace be upon the best of creations.
He was the epitome of goodness.. Mohammed SAWS, his name is higher than he skies.. More purer than the purest white..
Billions of people would give up their life for him.. His teachings are universal.. He, who defined humanity.. He was, IS and will always be the best leader ever born.

Muhammad and Jesus were both the prophets of Allah. None of them was either God nor the son of God. They were simple humans preaching the message of Allah. Both preached the truth that Allah is only one, has no partners, no relations and He is the Eternal and Absolute. Both are the son of Adam and Eve and were created to bring people out of treachery, sins and save them from hell.

None can be best other than Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) he is the only person who changed the life of hundreds of millions by showing them the right path. He changed the people not by force but by his etiquette and morals.

He was the central human figure of Islam, regarded by Muslims as a prophet of God and the last messenger. Active as a social reformer, diplomat, merchant, philosopher, orator, legislator, military leader, humanitarian, philanthropist.

Muhammad (pbuh), the man that put an end to the age of ignorance in Arabia 1400 years ago. An orator, political and spiritual leader, and above all the seal to prophet hood. People may say such and such about him, however they fail to understand the deeper meaning of his life. There is no doubt that Jesus was a noble man and prophet whom I love dearly, however Muhammad will always remains #1 on my list. Peace be upon him.

A perfect human being ever sent to the mankind by God. He exhibited perfectness in all aspects of the life. May it be truthfulness, righteousness, honesty, bravery etc, he displayed the true spirit of life. He taught us how to live and let others live.