Most Infuriating Hatebases of All Time

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1 The Lion King Haters

Both TLK fans and haters are annoying - ParkerFang

Both the fans and the haters are annoying. - Vancedapurpleguy

The fact that there is even such a thing as a "hatebase" is pretty horrible, and symptomatic of the issues we are having in the world.

If you are a member of any "hatebase", just stop, stop right now.

I am a Lion King Hater and I agree 100% with this entry!
It's annoying how they only focus on the hyena stereotypes! I cannot believe that a Hyena Biologist sued Disney over TLK. Hyena Biologists are supposed to research hyenas, not sue major companies over movies. I hope that Hyena Biologist got fired.
But the he main grudge I have against this hatebase is that they don't respect opinions! Believe me, I've seen some TLK Haters attack people for liking the movie! I mean, I dislike TLK and I respect others opinions. However, the majority of the hatebase doesn't accept the fact that there are people out there who like TLK.
While TLK Fans can be annoying, TLK Haters are SO MUCH WORSE! I rest my case!

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2 Frozen Haters

Both are extreme. On one end of the spectrum who believes that Frozen is god-tier while on the other end, we have people who believes that Frozen should be destroyed. - YourWaifuSucks

Both fans and haters are annoying. They don't respect opinions - ParkerFang

They add Frozen to every negative list. - yunafreya648

3 Marvel Haters
4 Cars Haters

I hate this fan base so much! When someone praises Pixar for their masterpieces, they get mad at you for including Cars in the discussion. They also can't shut up about how much they hate the movie. Also they only hate the first movie because of its Rotten Tomatoes score and its sequels. I can never look up a Pixar discussion without someone saying "I hate Cars"

5 Gravity Falls Haters

The hate for this show started back in June 2013 because one person hated it, that's the whole reason there are haters. Not to mention the reasons this person hated it was bullcrap (Dipper is 12 but sounds like he's 40, Soos looks like he ate at McDonald's for the last 7 years, Grunkle Stan is an old pervert). So what I'm saying is don't join bandwagons - codgtamk34

6 Pokemon Haters
7 Trump Haters

I get not everyone likes him but you still have to respect him as your president. 99.9% of Trump Haters have lost all common sense. If you hate him that much then just leave America! Go to Canada or Mexico. Nobody is making you stay in the US - Randomator

Id rather hate Hillary instead - TheHabsFan

Get over it already - Randomator

Most of both sides are bad - DarkBoi-X

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8 Daisy Haters

Annoying losers

9 Cartoon Haters
10 Tails Haters

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11 Princess Peach Haters
12 Toad Haters

How is ridiculous that Toad should be hated because of his voice? His voice is obnoxious especially in the Mario Kart games. Therefore it's very difficult to stay focused in a race in order to win it. How am I supposed to concentrate with Toad screaming in the background all the time?

The fact that people think that Toad should be hated because of his voice is so stupidly ridiculous.

I agree LordDovahkiin Toad does deserve to be hated. Jennifer Lee Taylor was an amazing actor for Princess Peach but this character is obnoxious. Toad haters are the best people ever and I wish Toad would get replaced by Toadsworth.

He deserves to be hated. His voice is so annoying. And his character is just bad. - LordDovahkiin

13 Haters of M-Rated Video Games
14 2016 Haters
15 Justin Bieber Haters

God they're so annoying. For example, please visit the list of "worst things ever". JB is number four. Just read the comments.

16 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Haters

I Don't Need To Explain How Awful MLP's Haters Can Get - JPK

17 Trolls Haters

Trolls are amazing people - DarkBoi-X

Eh? - Userguy44

18 Minion Haters

@JPK death threats?! That’s messed up! Even though I hate minions but oh man


Sometimes They Do, Like They Bully People And Give Death Threats To The Fans - JPK

19 Rick & Morty Haters

They Literally Came Out Of Nowhere - JPK

20 Rosalina Haters

"Rosalina is stealing people's spots"

Annoying losers

21 Mario Haters

Aka Game Theory fans - Randomator

22 America Haters

For burning the American flag in America, if it is so bad go do the same in North Korea and see what happens

America sucks to be honest, so I kind of agree with America haters.

23 Sonic Haters

Spongebob: Hey Patrick what am I?
Patrick: uh, stupid
Spongebob: no i’m IGN
Patrick: well what’s the difference

24 Sword Art Online Haters

*Sees three of my recent comments criticizing Mother's Basement gets thumbed down* Wow, whoever thumbed down my comments, thanks a lot for proving my point why people like you are disrespectful and obnoxious. I'm not trying to bash anyone for having a different opinion than me, but I find it hypocritical if you think the fans are disrespectful, yet haters like you are disrespectful of opinions. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

SpongeBob: Hey Patrick, what am I?
Patrick: Uh, stupid?
SpongeBob: No, I'm Mother's Basement.
Patrick: Well, what’s the difference? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

25 Kirk Cameron Haters
26 Wendy O Koopa Haters
27 Krystal Haters

Ugh...her hatebase is just the worst.

She deserves hate

There's way too many pathetic excuses these guys use, so I'll list off the big ones.
-She attracts furries (This classic asspull. So, why exactly does everyone else in the series get a free pass then? Additional fun fact: a majority of furries are gay males.)
-Her outfit in Adventures is revealing (You guys know that women in the Amazon and Africa dress like that right? It's acceptable there because it's their culture. Also, Katt's dialogue in 64 is much more suggestive than Krystal's attire.)
-Useless (Shooting fire at Andross, assisting you in the on-foot missions, and helping take down the Aparoid Queen? That's far from useless.)
-Damsel in distress (I believe you're confusing her with Slippy. And even still, he, Falco, and Peppy get saved more times in the whole series than Krystal ever did.)
-She was only in the bad games (First off, don't listen to 64 elitists. Second, the only truly bad game she was in was Command, and there were much bigger problems with that ...more

28 Haters of Non Disney Movies
29 Tingle Haters
30 Scarlett Johansson Haters

Watch Under the Skin or Girl with a Pearl Earring & I beg to differ.

Not a moron!

31 The Loud House Haters

Who wants to watch a show about Ryan Lochte's childhood? - EliHbk

32 Serena Haters

We get it people don't like Serena stop beating a dead horse. - egnomac

33 Haters of Cgi Animation

Simply because these brats want hand-drawn or 2D animation back, yet they don't realize that the CGI films are bigger box office hits, thus more likely to become more popular nowadays.

34 Shadow the Hedgehog Haters

Still better than his rabid fanbase.

35 Weaboo Haters

Justified.Most weaboos seem to be the types of people who are in their late teens or early twenties yet still have the maturity of someone a third of their age and they bully you for not treating anime like it's gods gift. - DarkBoi-X

Considering this maybe contradicting to my idea that weaboos are doucebags that need to get a life. Overtime they grew on me. I have a weaboo classmate who was a pretty good guy to be honest. He jokes about anime and stuff like that. I even had a weaboo friend who guess what for the SAO fans, is an SAO fan himself. We coexist together in peace without any conflict. We even discuss about Persona and other games,

Now for the weaboo haters, allow me to tell you a tale. So one day me and 2 other friends were discussing about Persona. We discuss about who was best waifu in complete peace unlike other fans who participated in the Waifu Wars. We talk about, is Ann the best,? Is it Makoto or Kawakami? and no bombs were dropped that day. So this Weaboo hater overheard our conversation and later when me and my other friend disscussed about Persona, he called me a WEEB!

Firstly, I don't watch anime except for Castlevania, Persona 3 and waiting for Persona 5 the animation. Second, I ...more - YourWaifuSucks

36 Anti-Furs

Worst, meanest people ever

37 MCU Haters
38 Anime Haters
39 Haters of Anime Influenced Animation

These brats are so annoying, because they think that, if order for something to be anime, it has to be Japanese?

I know anime originated in Japan first, but seriously... The anime style is popular around the world and anyone of any country has the right to like it or draw anime style.

40 Sonic 2006 Haters

This game is old news now. Cut it out already, everyone.

41 Xbox Haters

It is a good system just like your PlayStation and Nintendo, so not worth the hate.

I have an Xbox, and it's not the best! - EliHbk

42 Haters of Indie Video Games
43 Karel Haters
44 Big the Cat Haters
45 Quentin Tarantino Haters
46 Harken Haters

A troll added this.

47 Candy Kong Haters
48 North Korea Haters

Deserves to be hated

49 Heavy Metal Haters
50 Emo Haters

Nope.Emos are worse as emos fake depression and make people who actually have depression look like attention seekers.Not just that but many emos will bully you for not being like them and then they wonder why the world hates them. - DarkBoi-X

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