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1 The Lion King Haters

Both TLK fans and haters are annoying - ParkerFang

The fact that there is even such a thing as a "hatebase" is pretty horrible, and symptomatic of the issues we are having in the world.

If you are a member of any "hatebase", just stop, stop right now.

Nah, TLK is overrated and cheesey - EliHbk

Spongebob: Hey Patrick what am I?
Patrick: uh, annoying?
Spongebob: no i’m TLK hater
Patrick: well what’s the difference

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2 Frozen Haters

Both are extreme. On one end of the spectrum who believes that Frozen is god-tier while on the other end, we have people who believes that Frozen should be destroyed. - YourWaifuSucks

Both fans and haters are annoying. They don't respect opinions - ParkerFang

They Overreact - ToadF1

Still better than the ones who whine about how Frozen is the worse movie - hunnyqueen09

They add Frozen to every negative list. - yunafreya648

3 Princess Peach Haters

They Find bad Excuses for her Hate saying she's "Cranky" "Bossy" "Violent" - ToadF1

4 Toad Haters

I agree LordDovahkiin Toad does deserve to be hated. Jennifer Lee Taylor was an amazing actor for Princess Peach but this character is obnoxious. Toad haters are the best people ever and I wish Toad would get replaced by Toadsworth.

He deserves to be hated. His voice is so annoying. And his character is just bad. - LordDovahkiin

5 Trump Haters

I get not everyone likes him but you still have to respect him as your president. 99.9% of Trump Haters have lost all common sense. If you hate him that much then just leave America! Go to Canada or Mexico. Nobody is making you stay in the US - Randomator

Get over it already - Randomator

Id rather hate Hillary instead - TheHabsFan

Lol, next joke please

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6 2016 Haters

They Bitch and Moan about Harambe's Death and Donald Trump - ToadF1

7 Cartoon Haters

Yeah, Cartoons do kinda Suck, but there's no need to Shove it down our Throats - ToadF1

8 Daisy Haters

Annoying losers


9 Justin Bieber Haters

They Overreact, to be Honest - ToadF1

10 Sonic Haters

"Sonic was Never Good! " *Cough*IGN*Cough* - ToadF1

Spongebob: Hey Patrick what am I?
Patrick: uh, stupid
Spongebob: no i’m IGN
Patrick: well what’s the difference

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11 Rosalina Haters

"Rosalina is stealing people's spots"

Annoying losers

12 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Haters

I Don't Need To Explain How Awful MLP's Haters Can Get - JPK

13 Minion Haters

@JPK death threats?! That’s messed up! Even though I hate minions but oh man


Sometimes They Do, Like They Bully People And Give Death Threats To The Fans - JPK

14 Trolls Haters
15 Mario Haters

Aka Game Theory fans - Randomator

16 Sword Art Online Haters

*Sees three of my recent comments criticizing Mother's Basement gets thumbed down* Wow, whoever thumbed down my comments, thanks a lot for proving my point why people like you are disrespectful and obnoxious. I'm not trying to bash anyone for having a different opinion than me, but I find it hypocritical if you think the fans are disrespectful, yet haters like you are disrespectful of opinions. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

SpongeBob: Hey Patrick, what am I?
Patrick: Uh, stupid?
SpongeBob: No, I'm Mother's Basement.
Patrick: Well, what’s the difference? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

17 Kirk Cameron Haters
18 Wendy O Koopa Haters

No, Wendy O. Koopa Haters are the Best - ToadF1

19 Krystal Haters

She deserves hate

There's way too many pathetic excuses these guys use, so I'll list off the big ones.
-She attracts furries (This classic asspull. So, why exactly does everyone else in the series get a free pass then? Additional fun fact: a majority of furries are gay males.)
-Her outfit in Adventures is revealing (You guys know that women in the Amazon and Africa dress like that right? It's acceptable there because it's their culture. Also, Katt's dialogue in 64 is much more suggestive than Krystal's attire.)
-Useless (Shooting fire at Andross, assisting you in the on-foot missions, and helping take down the Aparoid Queen? That's far from useless.)
-Damsel in distress (I believe you're confusing her with Slippy. And even still, he, Falco, and Peppy get saved more times in the whole series than Krystal ever did.)
-She was only in the bad games (First off, don't listen to 64 elitists. Second, the only truly bad game she was in was Command, and there were much bigger problems with that ...more

20 Tingle Haters
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