Most Infuriating Hatebases of All Time


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21 Shadow the Hedgehog Haters

Still better than his rabid fanbase.

22 America Haters

For burning the American flag in America, if it is so bad go do the same in North Korea and see what happens

America sucks to be honest, so I kind of agree with America haters. - BoredJeff02

23 Serena Haters

We get it people don't like Serena stop beating a dead horse. - egnomac

24 Marvel Haters
25 MCU Haters
26 Anime Haters
27 Tails Haters

Okay? - ToadF1

28 Haters of Non Disney Movies
29 Haters of M-Rated Video Games
30 Pokemon Haters
31 Haters of Anime Influenced Animation

These brats are so annoying, because they think that, if order for something to be anime, it has to be Japanese?

I know anime originated in Japan first, but seriously... The anime style is popular around the world and anyone of any country has the right to like it or draw anime style.

32 Haters of Cgi Animation

Simply because these brats want hand-drawn or 2D animation back, yet they don't realize that the CGI films are bigger box office hits, thus more likely to become more popular nowadays.

33 Sonic 2006 Haters

This game is old news now. Cut it out already, everyone.

34 Xbox Haters

It is a good system just like your PlayStation and Nintendo, so not worth the hate.

I have an Xbox, and it's not the best! - EliHbk

35 Haters of Indie Video Games
36 Tingle Haters
37 Karel Haters
38 Big the Cat Haters
39 Quentin Tarantino Haters
40 Trolls Haters
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