Top Ten Most Infuriating Study Methods

Everyone studies for something, and people have different ways to study. But holy smokes some of these methods are just the definition of time wasted.

The Top Ten

1 Flashcards
2 Endless rough drafts
3 Reading the entire textbook
4 Endless peer reviews

I've in a classroom with ten girls that hate everybody, and awkward pubescent boys. Completely unreliable... - keycha1n

5 Singing memorization jingles

If you are forced to do this in class, pray for soundproof headphones - Haumea

6 Half an hour every day

Asian parents make me do it if I want to play video games

1/2 an hour infuriating? That's not bad! Be lucky that you get breaks during studying. Asian kids have to do it 24/7/365!

7 Mega cram the night before

I review a bit each day.

8 Do it during lunch
9 Write the answers on your hand
10 Take a notebook worth of notes

Whenever powerpoints are shown in class I always write everything down word by word just in case they all come up on the test. Then my Asian parents force me to study them over and over again even though I have memorized them all by now. Then shortly before the test the teacher gives us a study guide. We review that, but when we take the test, the stuff that's on the test were NEVER shown in the notes, powerpoints, or study guide!

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