Sadical Gets Madical Episode 1: Random People I Met In Overwatch

What’s up gamers, it’s sadical and let me angrily welcome you to episode 1 of my post series, Sadical gets Madical. What I do in this series is get mad. Okay, let’s start.

So, I was MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS, playing Overwatch while recording some clips for a YouTube video (go subscribe to my YouTube channel called Moira main) when I was on this team, and we worked really well, so we decided to play together. There was 5 people in the group, and we played 2 games together. After the second game, someone had to go, so then there were 4 people. The person who left was the host, so then there was a new host. No one really cared that there was a new host and we kept playing.

So, then we started another game. The map was Lijang Tower, and round one was at Control Center. In the game, the other team captured the objective first. Now, I bet you’re wondering why I’m saying every single detail in the game. It’s for a reason that I’ll explain later, and also so this post isn’t 2 sentences long.

Anyways, I think the skill level was equal for both teams. We had a lot of very fair fights, and my team eventually took over the objective. We had it to about 50% when the other team took it back. I was having a lot of fun in the game, and I assumed the rest of my team was as well. Then, something terrible happened. And no, it wasn’t that we lost round 1, cause I always lose games. The host did something, and now I’ll never forgive them.

They left the game. And they didn’t just leave, I wouldn’t care if that happened. They left as a group. I have no idea why they did that! We could have still won, cause the game was very fair. And it’s not like they actually had to go, they just started queuing for a new game. You might be wondering why I’m so annoyed by this, and this is why.

If you haven’t played Overwatch, there’s this feature where you can endorse people if they were doing good that game. You can give them Good Teammate, Sportsmanship, and Shot Caller. There are 5 levels for endorsements, and if you get a certain amount, you level up. Don’t quote me on this, but I think it’s 50 for level 2, 100 for level 3, 350 for level 4, and 1,000 for the final level, level 5. Leaving games certainly isn’t good for Overwatch players, so when you leave, there is a penalty. You lose endorsement points. You don’t just lose 2 or 3 either, you lose 50. Each person can only endorse 3 people each round, so do you know how long it takes to get back 50 endorsement points? A long time!

I’m on level 4, and it must be kinda rare to see a level 5, since I’ve only ever seen 1 in my life. There’s no way for you to see how many endorsements you have, only the level. I’ve been on 4 for quite some time, so I must be kinda close to level 5, but now I’m set back 50 endorsements for something that wasn’t my choice, I couldn’t control it.

Now, enough being self centered and talking about me. Let’s talk about the other 2 people who they took away 50 endorsement points from. They were also on level 4. I don’t know how long for, but they were. I’m sure they’re equally as mad.

So yeah, if you play on PS4 and your username is birds_win, I’m really mad at you and I don’t forgive you.