Top Ten Inheritance Characters

From the book series Inheritance, including books Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance.

The Top Ten

1 Murtagh

I love Murtagh! Well, he's my favorite male character. He goes through a struggle and in the end he finds where his loyalties lie.

He does anything for his family and for that I respect his character

Even though he's had a very hard life, he still manges to break free from all the bad influences and mistreats, just proving us how much of a strong willed charcter he is and that he has a inner godness within him.

Murtagh is an amazing character, my favorite. Great magician, powerful dragon rider, only Glaedr and Oromis come close.

2 Eragon

Eragon is AWESOME! Murtagh is EVIL! He killed the king of the dwarves, and a ton of other people, when he could have just surrendered and let Eragon kill him to save a ton of lives. He seems kind of selfish and cowardly.

Very powerful after the festival and defeated galbatorick with a stab to a gut he just good not metion the help of the edluniry.

3 Blodhgarm

A super quick, strong and powerful elf that has blue wolf fur and smells nice! The best! The beast!

I can't remember what he did but he looks cool

4 Roran

He has no magical powers, but he is fighting everybody. He is bravest character of the cycle.

5 Brom

I Love Brom! He's awesome!

6 Galbatorix
7 Saphira

I love Saphira! She is wise in a lot of ways and she is a dragon! I love dragons!

8 Arya

Arya! Queen and rider! Doesn't get much more epic than that!

9 Oromis

Best character in the series, he is awesome

10 Nasuada

The Contenders

11 Orrin
12 Angela
13 Solembum

Ye he is da best he is phohecy and stuff

14 IslanzadĂ­
15 Thorn
16 Durza
17 Katrina
18 Orik
19 Glaedr
20 FĂ­rnen
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