Top Ten Inheritance Characters

From the book series Inheritance, including books Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance.

The Top Ten

1 Murtagh

I love Murtagh! Well, he's my favorite male character. He goes through a struggle and in the end he finds where his loyalties lie.

He does anything for his family and for that I respect his character

Even though he's had a very hard life, he still manges to break free from all the bad influences and mistreats, just proving us how much of a strong willed charcter he is and that he has a inner godness within him.

Murtagh is an amazing character, my favorite. Great magician, powerful dragon rider, only Glaedr and Oromis come close.

2 Eragon

Eragon is AWESOME! Murtagh is EVIL! He killed the king of the dwarves, and a ton of other people, when he could have just surrendered and let Eragon kill him to save a ton of lives. He seems kind of selfish and cowardly.

Very powerful after the festival and defeated galbatorick with a stab to a gut he just good not metion the help of the edluniry.

3 Roran

He has no magical powers, but he is fighting everybody. He is bravest character of the cycle.

4 Blodhgarm

A super quick, strong and powerful elf that has blue wolf fur and smells nice! The best! The beast!

I can't remember what he did but he looks cool

5 Arya

Arya! Queen and rider! Doesn't get much more epic than that!

Good back story. Nice, has a reason for her actions.

6 Brom

I Love Brom! He's awesome!

7 Galbatorix
8 Saphira

I love Saphira! She is wise in a lot of ways and she is a dragon! I love dragons!

9 Oromis

Best character in the series, he is awesome

10 Nasuada

The Contenders

11 Orrin
12 IslanzadĂ­
13 Angela
14 Solembum

Ye he is da best he is phohecy and stuff

15 Orik
16 Thorn
17 Durza
18 Katrina
19 Glaedr
20 FĂ­rnen
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