Best Injustice Gold Characters (iPad)

I have saved all my power credits for INJUSTICE: Gods Among Us. So far, I have 231,920 credits. After looking for a long time, I still can't decide which is the best gold character that I should get. Can someone help me? So far, this is what I have.

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1 Shazam

Okay I'm
Gonna say it shaman should not be number one he always his basics a easy to block he special ability a bad his super attack weak and if the opponent does power drain like night wing or lex shaman is rubbish only good part about him is that his stat a okay but stats don't matter against a good set of gear card, shaman should be top 25 not 1st. God fall superman shops be top. Plus shaman a little kid not ready to contest the other players.

Easily the best character in the game could flatten batman

If you do Shazam's Super Special Move your attack increases and you can continuously use his special 1 & 2 a short time... HE IS A BADASS!

I have him. I picked him 3 times from gold booster pack. He is incredible. Strongest hero I have ever seen. His 2nd special move is strongest skill. His 3rd skill makes him really strong after use it

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2 Batman (Arkham Origins)

Please put batman (arkham origins) back in the ipad characters.

Cool once I level him up to level 50 elite 6 he will be epic he would flog every other gold character

By far, the strongest player of the game and starts with two power bars

Brings the battle lopsided to 2 characters to beat making battles much smoover

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3 Darkseid Darkseid

Dark side is the beast because his specials are in the two parts so they do more damage.

Extremely powerful. Goes well with gold Joker and Doomsday. My 2nd favorite after Doomsday.

Darkseid at Max Elite and max everything will be deadly, slow but each hit will badly injure your opponent.

Why is he number 3?

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4 Martian Manhunter Martian Manhunter

Good and great ability but you can't elite him without pulling him in a pack so getting him to a higher elite is virtually impossible

He has awesome specials and high attack and health.

I think he should be number 3 in the top 10

He is just AWESOME

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5 Aquaman Aquaman Aquaman is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Created by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger, the character debuted in More Fun Comics #73.

With a special 2 to summon a solider that stronger then most silver he a great charter to ensure you never loss

Spam for the win

Injustice 2 Aquaman is amazing

He is manatee

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6 Deadshot (Suicide Squad) Deadshot (Suicide Squad) Deadshot is a fictional character who appears in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly as an adversary of Batman . He has traditionally been portrayed as a supervillain, but has more recently taken the role of an antihero .

Dead shot is unstoppable if you have him levelled up to about level 20. And if you have the Enchantress gear card and evolved it so when you use your basic special enchantress will do 2% damage and slightly stun your opponent

Deadshot is the best! I've got him on level 44 with elite 2 and he is unstoppable! His second super attack alone can destroy at least 1-2 characters. His ability and basic attack combo are really good. Awesome!

Easily one of the best. His first and second special moves are extremely powerful if you can aim correctly to 200%. I use him with Enchantress gear card, and it's really helpful.

I only have him elite 5 but with the right gear cards he cleans house. Especially when paired with prime batman and animated Harley quinn

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7 Scorpion Scorpion Scorpion is a recurring player character and occasional boss character from the Mortal Kombat fighting game franchise created by Ed Boon and John Tobias.

He posses very high attack great passive the damage over time is perfect when teamed with gold cat women and his gear witch gives a 20% chance to drain health to compensate for his low health you think you need more incentives all I have to say is "GET OVER HERE"

Scorpion is awesome his basic attack makes the opponent bleed

Scorpion is one of the best characters, in my opinion. Out of the two scorpions in Injustice, Mortal Kombat is better than MKX one. His swipe makes the opponents bleed and the regular attacks make them burn. With Killing Joke Joker, he is amazing. When he's maxed out, his specials are really strong, especially the second one. I absolutely love him, he with Raven and Killing Joke are amazing.

Love playing with him the best to beat the joker

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8 Wonder Woman (Red Son) Wonder Woman (Red Son)

Wonder Woman red son is good but Superman red son is better, watch the movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I love wonder woman, in my opinion, she's the best

She is only good with red son characters

Keep using the shield to unlock the last move and there you go you go the ultimate character

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9 Hawkgirl Hawkgirl

One of the worst characters, worst moves, and is a bad team with everyone literally. The only thing closest to a good team is her batman insurgency and green lantern silver.

I don't have hawkgirl yet but my friend said she is quite good.

I use hawkgirl along with 600 WW and CC Batgirl and am ranked in the top 3%. So I disagree. HawkGirls agility allows you to tag in team mates 4 seconds faster and with CC Batgirl's ability with a tag in causing and automatic 25% health loss. And then 600 WW Ability with a 20% attack boost ( I can't remember exactly) But unstoppable team.


# Injustice

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10 Superman (Red Son)

Superman can beat ANY character HE IS AWESOME

He is one of the most high qualified characters from my opinion

He is only good with red son characters

I've seen him and I think he's good.

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11 Superman (Regime)

If you get super strength and heat vision on level 50 elite 7 enemy is in a torture

Yeah LEVEL 50 ELITE 7 do you hear what your saying he sucks

He is A BEAST! All of his attacks are leveled up all the way and is elite one. at level 20 he has about 8,000 health when elited. A BEAST.

Superman he is good

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12 Doomsday Doomsday Doomsday is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, usually depicted as an adversary of Superman.

Doomsday's Special 1 and 2 are both absolutely lethal; the damage they deal is devastating for the opponent. Also, with the new "Survivor" mode in injustice, where you take a team, get only three character swap-outs, and the health from every other battle carries over, Doomsday is perfect for Survivor Mode, getting to regenerate health. His passive can be a real pain. Also, this kind of character is just one of those rare ones who have high health and damage stats, something you don't really see often. His heavy combo, although rather slow, is really good at interrupting opponents. I killed an Ares just by swiping repeatedly, and Ares didn't even get a hit on me!

I have no idea how Doomsday is 10th place seriously. If he kills a character he gains 50% back of his health. You got to admit that is incredible.

Doomsday is the best fighter on the mobile version
When combined with the flash regime and batman. He attacks faster and is stronger. He is my favorite because he can tank the hits from other character. And then when he kills them he gains health

He is baller

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13 Batman

Batman has to be the beast of the game. Even though he doesn't have the same body build as Bane or Doomsday he can still pack a punch!

This guy too op to even talk about, ya see if I talk about him he kill me yeah so no wonder he second place. makes you wonder if he is too amazing and all th

Fist gold character I ever got and he still matches extremely well to my other gold characters.

I have Batman at level 50, elite 7 with great gear cards. Using his second special alone, I can usually take down two or three enemies.

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14 Lobo

If you are fighting nightwing or luthor in the dual team their power drain is useless. How is he not #1. he's the Main Man. Buy him.

I mean, he LOOKS pretty badass, but his passive is overshadowed by static

He is just amazing. They don't call me the main man for nothing

I think bounty hunter lobo is the best I don't know aboat normal lobo I have not used him

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15 Nightwing (New 52)

Fast, durable, causes lots of damage, best power drainer in game.

Great attack, good heavy attacks and it only takes one bar to completely power drain someone

He's my toughest character,27k attack,55k health

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16 Batgirl Batgirl Batgirl is the name of several fictional superheroes appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, depicted as female counterparts to the superhero Batman.

Batgirl gives a starting power bar to all characters in every game. This is very useful as it gives an upper hand over the opponent and allows the battle to be finished fast.

Better than batgirl is that Cassandra Cain Batgirl The thin one when she is tagged in she removes opponents 1/4 health

She looks good in the game but I don't have here.

Obviously the best character in the game, she hit her opponents very fast and most of the characters in this game can't beat her attack's speed. Also, if u gave her the cloak of destiny gear and any gear that gives a crit chance on special 1, try her special 1, and u will be AMAZED!

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17 Solomon Grundy (Red Son)

He attacks way to slow and isn't that good with stats

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18 Superman (God Fall) Superman (God Fall)

Why do so many people not like him?! He is insane and if you block a basic attack it will be reflected back at your opponent, he is a great character and if you sell him he is worth like 80000 that's almost enough for ANIMATED Harley Quin! Sorry if I spelled it wrong

God Fall version of Superman should be much more powerful than compared with the Regime version of Superman. The Regime version has only a usefulness in the "Super Strength" ability. Nonetheless, regardless of both health and as well as attack speed/damage. I'd prefer the God Fall version of Superman, it's also a limited time Gold Charather. Despite the abilities, I only admire at his "Reflected Damage" ability.

Really good but not really amazing to be honest

He is BOSS when mixed with high crit and reflect all damage while blocking speicials which means whenever he bloks damage is always reflected plus he has great health

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19 Red Lantern Hal Jordan

He is the best character in the game because you can use his move as much as you like Shazam is not the best

He is sick and can take any character out on injustice. I just love him

You can use his super move 2 times and special 2

I must say, this character is badass. Even after they nerfed him, he is still OP. He still is a team soloer like my Doomsday Prime. Those two on a team with Ares (the no-block passive) would be awesome! - TaylorD4533

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20 Wonder Woman 600

Not as good as the original gold wonder woman.

Very good. When used with Killer Frost you can defeat most enemies.

I have 600 WW and she takes away a lot of health especially on her shield toss

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