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21 Matti Hixson
22 Megan Jean
23 Jesse Smith

Glad he is in the new season! I loves his style and he is a kind person too, which is rare on this show...

Amazing artist all around, can't wait to see him on T.V. again, I've not watched Ink master since season 2 ended, I just hope the show has improved in the meantime.

24 Kelly Doty

She is an amazing artist, who should have been ink master not Ryan Ashley

She shouldn't get eliminated gian should have I love ink master

25 Craig Foster
26 Erik Campbell
27 Chris Blinston
28 Tyler Nolan
29 Christian Buckingham

Although he was one of the most unlikable contestants throughout his season, I think he did the best tattoos in the finale and that he probably should have won based on those 2 tattoos.

Terrible personality, but he definitely has skills.

30 Gian Karle Cruz

Gian is going to be a ink master champion.

Beautiful work.

I really think he could have and should have won. He was one of the most versatile artists, capable of making awesome tattos regardless of style.

31 Erin Chance

Let's make one thing clear: Doom Kitten would be nothing without Erin. She alone has the potential to make it all the way through the competition. Let's just hope that Doom Kitten doesn't end up weighing her down, as the way I see it, he's riding Erin's coattails to the end similar to how Bubba is with DJ.

32 Halo

He not only did beautiful color work, He has such a lovable personality

33 Josh Woods
34 Sausage
35 Matt O'Baugh
36 Duffy Fortner
37 Mystical Mike

Are you kidding?! Mystical Mike is the worst contestant to have ever been on the show!

I died

38 Eric Gonzalez

Eric just got straight-up robbed. First the judges eliminate Gia using the whole "report card" as their reasoning, then they eliminate Eric over one bad tattoo despite him being one of the best contestants of his season. He needs to be brought back to compete for another season, because that elimination was complete BS

39 Noelin Wheeler
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