Best Ink Master Season 2 Contestants


The Top Ten

1 Steve Tefft
2 Sarah Miller

She's an awesome person and a very talented tattoo artist

Best artist of all seasons

3 Jamie Davies

Jamie's work was far superior to Sarah's. Sarah is a one trick pony. She can do fantasy, and in Season 7 showed she doesn't even do that well.

Still can't get over the fact that they eliminated him over Sarah for not having any tattoos.

Jamie Was A Great Artist who got screwed for not having Tattoos.

Lost because he had no tattoos, should of never did the markers!

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4 Tatu Baby
5 Sebastian Murphy
6 Jesse Smith
7 Clint Cummings

He is the Barbie doll of the punk community his tattoos are ok he was so childish on the show

8 Mark Matthews
9 Lalo Yunda
10 Nick D'Angelo

The Contenders

11 Ron Givens

Versatile artist, down to earth, humble and extremely talented. Do yourselves a favor and check him out!

I was lucky enough to get a piece done by Ron Givens... First let me say how much I am still amazed by his work. Everyone especially tattoo artists complement me on my piece.

Simply a great guy and a awesome artist. Lucky and proud to wear his work on my arm

12 Kay Kutta

3 years and defeated some veterans.

13 Tray Benham
14 Mike Tacij

Best artist I ever met.

15 TJ Halvorsen
16 Cee Jay Jones
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