Best Ink Master Season 4 Contestants


The Top Ten

1 Sausage

Sausage's tattoos are probably the most outstanding I've seen. He looks at the little details that really make the tattoo stand out and he has always had great depth and contrast in his tattoos.

Sausage overcame a lot of obstacles to get to where he was as to scott who didn't overcome anything he was just the judges así budy that's the only reason he won.

Great tattoos against all odds.

2 Scott Marshall

Scott did NOT deserve to win! The only reason he did was because the judges were sucking him off all season long.

Find some of the "expert judges" to be pretty awful. Eg the tattoo of the Japanese expert who ripped the other people's work was rubbish. The hair was growing from a seam at least 8 in behind the head- so much for precision!

I believe the top 3 shouldve been Sausage, Matti, and Halo. I never liked scott even from the beginning, though I'm not going to lie, his master canvas was badass. But other than that.. He should not have made even to the top 5.

3 Matti Hixson
4 Kyle Dunbar
5 Jim Francis
6 Halo

Halo should be #4. He is way better than Jim.

7 Melissa Monroe
8 Lydia Bruno
9 Gentle Jay
10 Keith Diffenderfer

The Contenders

11 King Ruck

Should at least be in the top 10. Gotta give him major props for tattooing himself and keeping himself in the competition. Plus, he seems like a nice guy.

12 Randy Vollink
13 Bubba Irwin
14 Roland Pacheco
15 David Bell
16 Ashley Bennett
17 Damon Butler
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