Top Ten Innovative Ways to Jump Over a Snoring Hippo

Thank you HezarioSeth for giving me the idea to make a list on this topic. This is the randomest list I have ever made.

The Top Ten

1 While doing the FMX Cordova stunt using your motorcycle

I really liked this motorcycle one! Haha lolz coolest... I love to think of it - crazy-funny! The sky diving one is so amusing to think of, fancy anyone doing that! Out of all the times and places, a lonely hippo?! Haha! And the jetpack item is fun to envision... If I had a choice, I would definitely choose a combo of FMX Cordova and jetpack (and maybe the Katana sword!), it'll be really stylish and fashionable... Except for the hippo.

I'm awed that you managed to squeeze an idea out of my junkyard-level lists - a remarkable feat! I'm really happy that I gave you an idea, Kieret... Pls make more random-kind lists like the TopTens random messages if you can, buddy...

God bless, have a wonderful week, K!

- HezarioSeth

2 Jumping with a Katana sword pointed onto the hippo's stomach
3 By doing a pole vault
4 By using a trampoline
5 Jumping while having the baby hippo in your hands
6 Jumping with a bag full of Viagra tablets

But why viagra tablets....why? ;D - Kiteretsunu

7 Jumping after removing your underwear
8 Skydive from a airplane after spotting one hippo on the ground below
9 Jump with the help of Chuck Norris's Roundhouse Kick

Haha! Yes! That ought to do it! Wonder if thd gret man himself has seen this list... ? - Britgirl

10 Do it the old-fashioned way.

Of course, the old fashioned way is best. - PositronWildhawk

The Contenders

11 By using a Jetpack
12 Squeeze your breath and jump.
13 Yell "Bubbles" and jump.
14 Snort like a pig and jump.
15 With your pet wildebeest
16 Wake the hippo up
17 Pogo stick
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1. While doing the FMX Cordova stunt using your motorcycle
2. Jumping with a Katana sword pointed onto the hippo's stomach
3. By doing a pole vault


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