Top 10 Most Insane Things About the Rugrats

The Top Ten Most Insane Things About the Rugrats

1 Elizabeth Daily recorded lines while in labor

E. G. Daily went into labor while recording lines for Tommy. Although Daily was on the verge of giving birth, she was insistent on finishing her voiceover scenes. Reading her dialog in between contractions, Daily was able to complete her work for the day with enough time left over to reach the hospital where she welcomed a baby girl into our planet. - YanRocky

The ironicness of the backstage - Maddox121

2 “The Rugrats Movie” almost beat Disney movies

I had no idea that movie was so successful. I think it was subpar in comparison to Rugrats in Paris but wow. You learn something new every day! - Mcgillacuddy

Disney faced some worthy competition in 1998, however. DreamWorks not only entered the ring with their first film, “Antz,” but Nickelodeon Movies also released their first animated film, “The Rugrats Movie.” Costing $24 million to produce, “The Rugrats Movie” exceeded box office expectations, becoming the first non-Disney animated film to gross over $100 million world wide. Going into the 21st century, animation started to saturate the movie market like never before, even to the point that the Oscars introduced a Best Animated Feature category. It’s easy to think that “The Rugrats Movie” helped pave the way for this era. - YanRocky

3 The show was accused of being anti-semitic

They should get a grip.
Passover was childish.
What next the Ice Page?

Rugrats was a rare show that dedicated entire episodes to Passover and hanukkah, noting that the Pickles are part Jewish. While both holiday specials received acclaim from critics and fans, the Anti-Defamation League weren’t happy with the depictions of Boris and Minka, Tommy’s Jewish grandparents. The ADL accused these characters of resembling anti-Semitic figures from a 1930s Nazi newspaper. Boris’ design was criticized once again when he appeared in a 1998 comic strip. What makes this especially odd is that the ADL actually praised an episode of “South Park” that took some blatant, albeit satirical insults to Judaism. - YanRocky

4 The Creators worked on Duckman, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, Recess, Lloyd in Space and The Simpsons

Former husband and wife Gábor Csupó and Arlene Klasky played key roles on several ‘1990s cartoons, including “Duckman” and “Aaahh! Real Monsters.” Paul Germain notably co-created the Disney series “Recess,” as well as “Lloyd in Space.” There are two shows in particular that all three of these animation giants have in common. One of them is “Rugrats,” which Klasky, Csupó, and Germain created together. The other is “The Simpsons,” which they worked on until 1992, one year after “Rugrats” premiered. Interestingly enough, it was Gyorgyi Peluce, a Klasky Csupo animator and colorist, who suggested giving the Simpsons yellow skin and Marge blue hair. On top of that, Dr. Nick’s design was modeled after Csupó, so much of a interesting fact - YanRocky

5 The Creepypasta

The creepypasta claims that Angelica is the only real Rugrat and the babies she torments are all fragments of her disturbed mind. Chuckie and his mother perished in a car crash, which explains his father’s overprotective nature. Tommy was stillborn and his father copes with his grief by making toys. Angelica envisioned Phil and Lil as opposite gender twins, as she couldn’t tell if the DeVilles’ aborted fetus was male or female. This haunting creepypasta could retroactively traumatize anyone who grew up with “Rugrats,” but thankfully, co-creator Arlene Klasky has stated for the record that it’s not real. - YanRocky

6 Toho sued Klasky Csupo

I'm pretty sure that Reptar was just inspired by Godzilla. I think it's stupid to sue someone for that because then you might as well just sue any giant dinosaur character you see in a movie or T.V. show. - Mcgillacuddy

There’s no denying that Reptar’s a parody of Godzilla. Both in the universe of the show and in real life, Reptar inspired breakfast cereals, candy bars, and other stuffs. In 2002, Toho, the Japanese film company that created Godzilla, reportedly sued Klasky Csupo, the creators of “Rugrats,” claiming that Reptar was a rip-off. - YanRocky

7 The cast was mainly female voice actresses

That's because a man is not going to believably sound like a toddler

While “Rugrats” had a solid balance of male and female characters, the main voice performers were mostly women in this incredible show. - YanRocky

8 Grandpa Lou Pickles was a pervert
9 Tommy Pickles was born premature

In the Mother’s Day episode, Tommy was probably born premature. In a flashback, Tommy is seen in an incubator with Didi watching over him. Given Tommy’s thirst for adventure, it’s safe to assume that he literally couldn’t wait to get out of his mommy’s belly and explore the world by himself. Knowing Tommy’s been putting up a fight since the moment he was born, it’s no wonder that the little guy is so valiant.. - YanRocky

10 Tommy’s different outfits during the show

At one point, however, his shirt changes from blue to orange. Tommy’s clothes in the first official “Rugrats” episode was also noticeably different. Throughout the story, Tommy sported a red top and a pair of blue overalls, his signature ensemble wouldn’t pop up until the show’s second episode. Since the first episode revolved around Tommy’s birthday, we can only speculate that his parents dressed him in a special clothes for the occasion. Either that or Tommy traded t-shirts with Bart Simpson somewhere down the show. - YanRocky

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11 It was the longest running nicktoon until “SpongeBob SquarePants”

It was better than Spongebob.

12 The universe of the Rugrats is theorized to be the same as Doctor Who's

Tommy Pickles has all the makings of a Time Lord. Much like the protagonist of “Doctor Who,” Tommy is equipped with a trusty screwdriver that’s constantly getting him out of huge problems. He rarely goes anywhere without at least one loyal companion and the Daleks are even referenced in an surprising Easter egg. While “Rugrats” usually stayed grounded in reality, there were a few episodes that introduced amazing elements. Remember when the babies went to outer space? Sure, the ending of the episode suggested that it was all a dream, but maybe it’s a sign that Tommy is destined for even greater adventures aboard the TARDIS. - YanRocky

13 Charlotte Pickles was a tech nerd
14 They once had a crossover with "Aaahh!!! Real Monsters"
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