Top 10 Insects and Arachnids That Should Get an Reward


The Top Ten

1 Praying Mantis - For Ninja and Awesome Bravery

It is a unique ninja and it stands up to snakes. 2 rewards right there - Koolness88

2 Japanese Hornet - Killer to Killer Bees

Outstanding to killer bees. 1 can kill 42 killer bees in a minute. Right? - Koolness88

3 Giant Huntsman Spider - Most Scary-looking

Long legs and its giant yeah it's scary. - Koolness88

4 Mosquito - The Most Annoying Insect and Most Dangerous!

It causes the most annoying itch and it is the deadliest animal if you don't include humans. 2 rewards - Koolness88

Yeah. They kill more humans each year than any animal including humans! And is extremely annoying too (STOP BUZZING IN MY EARS DANGIT) - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

5 Desert Wheel Spider - Best at Cartwheeling
6 Bullet Ants - Worst Pain

Hurts like a gun shot. - Koolness88

7 Killer Bees - Best Scare

Scariest scare. It will chase you down. - Koolness88

The Africanized honey bee? Yeah, despite looking adorable (I think bees are so adorable :3), this bee is very, very aggresive and will chase the disturber up to 400m away. And the sting can be fatal too - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

8 Monarch Butterfly - Most Beautiful

Wow it works hard on beauty! - Koolness88

9 Dragonfly - Super Speed
10 Walking Stick - Best Camouflage

Very good at blending in - Koolness88

The Contenders

11 Tick - Most Hated Animal in Nature
12 Bees - Most Misunderstood
13 Jumping Spider - Cutest Spider Jumping Spider - Cutest Spider
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