Best Inside No.9 Episodes


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1 The 12 Days Of Christine

This isn't just the best episode of the show, this is one of the best episodes in T.V. history. Not only is it incredibly emotional, deep and thought provoking, but the amount of symbolism in this episode is phenomenal. Great work of art - Zohaib

2 Diddle Diddle Dumpling

This episode starts off as incredibly weird to watch but eventually turns into one of the most sad, heartbreaking episodes of the show when we find out the truth behind the mans obsession. - Zohaib

3 Bernie Clifftons Dressing Room

What starts out as a funny, comedic episode, becomes absolutley soul-crushingly sad towards the end, with one of the saddest endings of the show which is saying a lot. - Zohaib

4 Cold Comfort

This episode is unique to say the least. The choice of style is very interesting, and this episode is somehow more tense than most modern horror movies. It is incredibly dramatic and an emotional rollercoaster throughout. - Zohaib

5 Tom And Gerri

This episode grows on you the more you watch it. At first, the ending confuses you, but as soon as the realisation hits you, it makes you open your mouth in horror. This is one of the darkest episodes of the show and one of the best. - Zohaib

6 Zanzibar

By far one of the funniest episodes of the show, not only is the episode set in Iambic Pentameter but it is incredibly hilarious and entertaining to watch throughout. - Zohaib

7 A Quiet Night In

One of the best episodes of the first season, even though the episode is mostly completely silent, it is not boring and is instead of the most funniest episodes of the show. A lot is said in no words. Definitely a classic episode and a gem of the first season. - Zohaib

8 Dead Line

By far the weirdest and creepiest episode of the show, Steve and Reece really started the fifth season with a bang, and this episode breaks the 4th wall so many times, it's unbelievable, and somehow feels scarily realistic. Definitely a really good episode - Zohaib

9 The Riddle Of The Sphinx

One of the most messed up episodes of the show, sure, but also one of the best. The thunderstom atmosphere perfectly fits the dark atmosphere of the episodes, and the ending is almost cringe-inducing. - Zohaib

10 La Couchette

This episode is laugh out loud all the way through, and even though some of the humor is childish, it doesn't reduce the episode's quality. You really get to know all the characters in the carriage like the back of your hand once the episode is finished. Also, the twist ending is dark and hillarious at the same time. Overall a incredibly hillarious episode from start to finsish. - Zohaib

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