Top 10 Inside Out Characters That Should Be In the Sequel


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1 Disgust Disgust

Without Disgust the movie wouldn't make sense... - GoldMagicAJ

2 Brazilian Helicopter Pilot

A lot of the characters here are obviously going to be in the sequel so they're not really worth voting on (Riley, Joy, Sadness...) but the Brazilian Helicopter Pilot was such a clever and random little running joke that would be even more hilarious if it ran into the second installment. Let's make him higher on the list. - Pluma

3 Fear

I hate fear

4 Dave the Guard
5 Riley Anderson

Without Riley in the movie, the story wouldn't make any sense! Riley should DEFINITELY be in the sequel. - GoldMagicAJ

The most important character! - Weasltown

6 Frank the Guard
7 Joy Joy

She and riley are the most important characters of the movie, and obviously in the sequel the main character will be riley, so obviously joy deserves to appear

8 Anger

Without anger the movie wouldn't be funny

9 Father's Emotions

Of course! In the sequel there should be more scenes about what's going on in the father's mind. In the first movie, I think there is only two scenes of what happens in his head. BUT, the sequel shouldn't draw a whole lot of attention to him. If it did, I guess the movie would be called "Father's Inside Out" instead. Lol - GoldMagicAJ

10 Mr. Anderson

The Contenders

11 Mother's Emotions
12 Bing Bong Bing Bong

I loved Bing Bong, but Bing Bong died. I like the character, but his death was meaningful and significant as a way of relaying the ephemeral nature of youth. If they brought back Bing Bong, it would defeat the purpose of his original storyline as well as really not make sense. The only way I'd like to see Bing Bong come back would be as an Easter Egg in another, non-Inside Out 2 Pixar movie as a stuffed doll in the background or something (like how they had a Nemo doll in Monster's Inc) - Pluma

If they brought him back, maybe it would be like the scene at the end of the Equestria Girls movie Friendship Games where the other Twilight Sparkle randomly comes into the human world and is confused by the other people in the room, and the scene would begin with Riley going to space camp.
Another fun fact: If he would come back to life, he would be scared of taking baths, since the parents mentioning Goofball led to his death.

Why is the MVP on number 11?! Give him some spotlight people! He risked his life for both Joy and Riley!

I'd love to see a spin-off movie about this cute imaginary friend! - mimitchi33

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13 Sadness Sadness

She is the best. Even better than joy who is selfish

I hate her(even more than Fear),such a negative,weak dork.I completely know why/think it makes sense that Joy mistreats Sadness.Why is everyone blaming Joy for being mean,I mean,come on she's so kind? It was Sadness who was mean by trying to turn Riley happy memories to sad and likes making Riley cry! -RainbowDash

14 Fritz
15 Forgetter Bob
16 Forgetter Paula
17 Riley's Mother
18 Rainbow Unicorn
19 Jangles the Clown Jangles the Clown
20 Love
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