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1 Joy Joy

The scene when she and bing bong fall in the dump just broke my heart, it was the best scene than I seen in a animated movie

Joy is so awesome. - backflip

She treated sadness badly. She always wants to be leader

She is awesome, that's all.

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2 Sadness Sadness

I'm positive you will get lost in there.. - AnonymousChick

Member that movie when the dog dies ha

Why doe everyone love Joy, especially after the way she treated Sadness? - AnnaOfArendelle332

She's so funny! I like when she like "right. No, other right, I was saying you were right when you said left.."

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3 Anger

He is the best and he has fire coming out of his head and no character can do that and that is so cool

Seeing him at the top brings me Joy. But that's not the emotion I am looking for so that makes me Angry. There, that's better. - BKAllmighty

"we'll go to the elephant station, and rent an elephant! " - UltraFX

He and Mr. Potato Head from Toy Story could be best friends.

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4 Disgust

She's my favorite and sassiest character!

Disgust is so awesome! She is sarcastic and keeps Riley away from BROCOLI!

She always says what's on her mind. She acts sassy, and has something to back it up with. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Broccoli is tasty

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5 Fear

Fear should be in first place the main person can not always be in first

I love that emotion. Fear's so funny. I wish he was the main character in the whole movie.

I don't know why but I hope he will couple with joy

He and Gurgle from Finding Nemo will get along really well.

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6 Bing Bong Bing Bong

(SPOILER ALERT) Happening to see him fall down and be forgotten. I ended up crying so hard. I just find him cute. - Mumbizz01

Although Bing Bong isn't my favorite character at all, I think he should be first! He's the MVP, and we can't forget the MVPs. Also, he doesn't have much back story and we don't know much about his birth (that sounds so messed up) and I would LOVE some more detail on him so we get more info on him, Riley, and the emotions.

Cute. I love him. I only saw the last half of the movie, but I still like him. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Am I the only one who didn't like him? - NicholasYellow

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7 Riley

I feel really sorry for her. Like shes only an eleven year old girl who moved somewhere new and has no friends... Oh wait. - AnonymousChick

She's gone through difficult times when she moved. I can kinda relate because my best friend moved to California in an area close to San Fransisco

Poor Riley. She had to go through so much trouble. I can kind of relate to her a little. I am nearly 12 years old and I love hockey.

Shes like me. Tomboys who have semi-cut hair and love sports who are goofy but loves their friends.

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8 Brazilian Helicopter Pilot

"Come, fly with me, Gagiña."

People find him hot…sorry dudes he ain't my type…i'm not exactly fond of tall guys. Anyways I like his part! LOOK AT THE EMOTIONS REACTIONS AHAHAA!

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9 Riley's Dad
10 Riley's Mom

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11 Dave the Guard
12 Jangles the Clown

Dora: AH!
Jangles gets the show canceled by killing Dora, Boots, and the other characters except Swiper

The only thing I like about him when he tried to kill Joy

I love Jangles, he's hillariously scary


13 Frank the Guard
14 Rainbow Unicorn
15 Mom's Emotions
16 Dad's Emotions
17 Forgetter Bob
18 Forgetter Paula
19 The Dream Director
20 Joy's Mom
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