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1 War Ensemble - Slayer
2 The Thrill of It All - Black Sabbath
3 Anthem - Iced Earth

"This is the anthem to celebrate your life
We have the power make our lives what they are to be
Reconnect with our humanity
Transcend to a higher place, accepting reality
You are the key to the life that you seek" - Metal_Treasure

4 The Bard`s Song - Blind Guardian

Tomorrow will take us away
Far from home
No one will ever know our names
But the bards' songs will remain
Tomorrow all will be known
And you're not alone
So don't be afraid
In the dark and cold
'Cause the bards' songs will remain
They all will remain - Metal_Treasure

5 Left Hand Black - Danzig

If you don't know, I added it..listen to this song, amazing lyrics, great riffs... - Ananya

6 Destroy What Destroys You - Kreator
7 Balls to the Wall - Accept

They believe slaves always lose
And this fear keeps them down

Watch the damned (God bless ya)
They're gonna break their chains (Hey)
No, you can't stop them (God bless ya)
They're coming to get you
And then you'll get your
Balls to the wall, man - Metal_Treasure

8 Live Without Regrets - Amon Amarth

This is one of my favorite songs by Amon Amarth and I am happy to see it in the top 10. It's usually underrated for some reason. - Metal_Treasure

9 Fade to Black - Metallica
10 Wherever I May Roam - Metallica

And the road becomes my bride
I have stripped of all but pride
So in her I do confide
And she keeps me satisfied
Gives me all I need
And with dust in throat I crave
Only knowledge will I save
To the game you stay a slave

Rover, wanderer
Nomad, vagabond
Call me what you will yeah
But I'll take my time anywhere
I'm free to speak my mind anywhere - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Path of Glory - Demons & Wizards

So many times it's hopeless dark and gray
No way out
And other times it's hope that saves the day
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

I live a life of loyalty
True to myself and my own
The way out
A sea of life so peaceful and serene
The way out
The path of life lies open wide for me
Come join the path of glory
Leave all your fear behind - Metal_Treasure

12 Land of the Free - Gamma Ray

"We're the last survivors
We're the ones who'll never fall

Grab your heart, I'll show you the way,
Now hold your head up high" - Metal_Treasure

13 Elan - Nightwish
14 Darkness Within - Machine Head

I really want metalheads to listen to this amazing song. - Ananya

15 The Days Passed - Turisas
16 Heavy Metal Universe - Gamma Ray

"We're Heavy Metal bound
With a burning hot desire
Like a supersonic blast
We have come to show the world
That we have come to last
There ain't no way to stop us
And you'll never kill our pride
'Cause it's not only music
It's a chosen way of life
And our world has got no borders
And in union we all stand" - Metal_Treasure

17 Reasons to Live - Dragonforce
18 Chance - Savatage
19 Ephemeral - Insomnium
20 Rising Force - Yngwie

The lightning strikes cracking the night
It feels like never before
Thunder and sparks in the Heart of the Dark
I hear a Rising Force.

Searching my soul I find something else
I take my life in my hands
From the gates of Heaven to the altars of Hell
The Power is at my command. - Metal_Treasure

21 Vice Grip - Parkway Drive

Forgive me if this us hard rock and not metal (I'm not sure) but this is such a great song, with lyrics like: "One life, one shot; give it all you've got." And "Hope for the hopeless..." I just find myself being lifted by it. - Britgirl

22 The Mob Rules - Black Sabbath
23 Dreams - Van Halen
24 Wasted Years - Iron Maiden
25 Proven - Hatebreed
26 Before I Forget - Slipknot
27 Dethrone Tyranny - Gamma Ray
28 Fly - Blind Guardian
29 Master of Puppets - Metallica
30 The Abandoning - Love and Death
31 Whip It - Love and Death
32 The Call of Ktulu - Metallica
33 The Sign of the Southern Cross - Black Sabbath
34 Heaven Can Wait - Gamma Ray
35 Warriors of the World - Manowar
36 Surfacing - Slipknot
37 All Hope is Gone - Slipknot
38 New Abortion - Slipknot
39 I Am Hated - Slipknot
40 The Blister Exists - Slipknot
41 Nightfall - Blind Guardian

Blind Guardian have so many soul-touching songs but, they are such an underrated band.

42 Former Glory - Striker
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1. Anthem - Iced Earth
2. Wherever I May Roam - Metallica
3. The Bard`s Song - Blind Guardian
1. Left Hand Black - Danzig
2. War Ensemble - Slayer
3. Destroy What Destroys You - Kreator
1. The Thrill of It All - Black Sabbath
2. War Ensemble - Slayer
3. Fade to Black - Metallica


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