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Stephen Hawking was a huge inspirational figure to me. If his endeavours prove anything, it's not to be deterred by your setbacks. Imagine my shock when I heard he died today.

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1 However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do, and succeed at. It matters that you don't just give up.

He was truly one of the greatest masterminds to ever live. He inspired millions of people. R.I.P Stephen Hawking you will be missed - Randomator

R.I.P Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest minds in all of human history - InsertCleverName

Nice list, Pos. I'm very much in agreement with this. He was an inspiration to millions.
RIP Stephen Hawking. - Britgirl

I was saddened upon hearing the news about his death. Thank you for posting this, and R.I.P Stephen Hawking.
-Former Top Tenner FBTS

2 Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.

I heard that he died at early dawn let's send him sacred condolences and make his honor cherished under layers of his work and genius that he is truly a physicist and a inspiring disabled genius who was diagnosed with ALS,although I am suspended make the post- Kevinsidis

Yesterday somebody very Tainted and enfuriated has happened since yesterday:It was national pi day and Stephen Hawking' s death I was cherishing his death by going to a website during science class which I finished my genetics worksheet,and this girl named Kaylee She was very annoying at me and I tell her to shut up and she snitched on me,in math class I was whispering myself hateful ways about women and then Cheyenne said she heard that and I told her that she will die soon and I have to feel at a stable state of mind and I apoligized to Cheyenne and to Katee on the next day and I feel heavily devastated remorse of myself please forgive me my fellow users and friends I feel tainted and may perish so please for damn mercy- Kevinsidis

3 One, remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Two, never give up work. Work gives you meaning and purpose, and life is empty without it. Three, if you are lucky enough to find love, remember it is there and don’t throw it away.
4 My advice to other disabled people would be, concentrate on things your disability doesn’t prevent you doing well, and don’t regret the things it interferes with. Don’t be disabled in spirit, as well as physically.

As a visually impaired person this is in amazing quote from the late Stephen Hawking he was a genius and he taught us how to make the universe so simple and how do you understand it

This one really speaks to me.

5 It is a waste of time to be angry about my disability. One has to get on with life and I haven’t done badly. People won’t have time for you if you are always angry or complaining.
6 It is no good getting furious if you get stuck. What I do is keep thinking about the problem but work on something else. Sometimes it is years before I see the way forward. In the case of information loss and black holes, it was 29 years.
7 Next time someone complains that you have made a mistake, tell him that may be a good thing. Because without imperfection, neither you nor I would exist.

That quote is true and yet very inspiring towards many.

8 Keeping an active mind has been vital to my survival, as has been maintaining a sense of humour.
9 Although I cannot move and have to speak through a computer, in my mind I am free.
10 When one's expectations are reduced to zero, one really appreciates everything one does have.

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11 Life would be tragic if it weren't funny

My profile picture. RIP, Stephen - 445956

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