Top Ten Instructions On Parkouring

Do ever play Assassin's Creed thought "I wish I can do that? " Well look no further (No seriously, don't do that! )

The Top Ten

1 Be in the compilations of parkour fails

And get dem' cash and make it rain - SuperHyperdude

2 Go to hospital and get insulted by the staff

For being an idiot - SuperHyperdude

3 Fall down and break a bone

But its not done yet - SuperHyperdude

4 Tell a speech

A presidential speech if you want - SuperHyperdude

5 Go outside and go to your chosen place

Now you're one step closer to being a ninja - SuperHyperdude

6 Make a Will

Damn right you should. If you don't die don't worry your: wrists, ankles, neck, back, fingers, face and balls will do. Trust me I know. So enjoy having functioning body parts while you can and Good Luck

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7 Get a camera
8 Ask a friend to watch

So you can make them expect something hilarious - SuperHyperdude

9 Find a good place to parkour

More preferably a place with more chances of you giving a floor a hug - SuperHyperdude

10 Get some good running shoes

Don't think you can jump wall-to-wall with your Grandma's sandals - SuperHyperdude

I wonder what it feels like if one becomes an expert in parkouring. Never mind, I can't take the risk. - Kiteretsunu

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