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1 Dangered Idiot Woman (Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande)

Linkin Park is 1000 Times better than Ariana Grande,

This is number 2, LOL - VideoGamefan5

Ha, Ariana grande sucks

Ariana Grande is a dick

I'd you're talking about the donut incident then no, it was a joke. She isn't TOO bad. - AlphaQ

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2 Trashvoy (Starboy - The Weeknd)

Very Funny, Haters. - AlphaQ

The weeknd is gay and kissed Justin Bieber, they both suck crap, and deserve it, - VideoGamefan5

The weeknd sucks - VideoGamefan5


3 Dishonest (Honest - Future)

Basically the worst album of all time. - AlphaQ

4 Very Careless World: Fries of the Ass King (Careless World: Rose of the Last King - Tyga)

Made by diet-Chris Brown goat pedophile and is currently the worst rapper alive. - AlphaQ

Now that's how you do an insult! - TwilightKitsune

5 I'm Not a Fan but the Kids Hate It (I'm Not a Fan but the Kids Like It - Brokencyde)

Funniest entry on the list - VideoGamefan5

6 Misfortune (Fortune - Chris Brown)
7 Memories... Screw Off (Memories... Do Not Open - The Chainsmokers)

No! This should be called good memories...and good music by our amazing band The Chainsmokers

8 Torture Starfish and the Bleach Flavored Cancer (Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water - Limp Bizkit)
9 The Stinkprint (The Pinkprint - Nicki Minaj)
10 Now That's What I Call S***! (Now That's What I Call Music! - Various Artists)

This is kind of funny but in all honesty I think most of these are pretty lame. - Powell

I think many would agree with this title. - Powell

The Contenders

11 Monte-Hell No (Montevallo - Sam Hunt)
12 Lukas Gay-ham (Lukas Graham - Lukas Graham)
13 #newwhoreorder (#newgoreorder - Borgore)

Get rid of this slum of an album. - AlphaQ


14 HamLife (SremmLife - Rae Sremmurd)
15 Sixty-nine Track Mind (Nine Track Mind)
16 Unangelic to the Whore (Angelic 2 the Core - Corey Feldman)
17 Wild Craps (Wild Ones - Flo Rida)
18 The Hate Side of the Moon (The Darkside of the Moon Pink Floyd)

Wow whoever added this really knows what the word "Creative" Means (Sarcasm) - christangrant

Lol so much trolls. - AlphaQ

19 Let Go Screw Yourself (Let Go - Avril Lavigne)
20 Crappybid Theory - Linkin Park (Hybrid Theory)

How about Die-bird Theory.

21 Die-brid Peewee (Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park)

Peewee Herman Must Be The Leader Of This Atrocity Of A Band. - AlphaQ

22 Die-stopia  (Dystopia - Megadeth)

Wow how creative (sarcasm) - christangrant

23 Crapstar (Blackstar - David Bowie)

Not a David Bowie hater, but this is hilarious! Lol!

How Creative and Mature is this (Sarcasm) - christangrant

24 Wish You Were Gone (Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd)

I wish these funny insults would never stop (sarcasm) - christangrant

25 The Fail of Ziggy Stardust (The Rise of Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie)

That is funny too, even though I don't hate this album.

Haha really funny (sarcasm) - christangrant

Because he fails

26 A Night in Hell (A Night at the Opera - Queen)

Actually this isn't insulting in fact that album title sounds cool - christangrant

27 Poop Friday (Pink Friday - Nicki Minaj)
28 Teenage Nightmare (Teenage Dream - Katy Perry)
29 Crazy Fails (Crazy Hits - Crazy Frog)
30 The Old Failure (The New Classic - Iggy Azalea)
31 Always Say Never: The Remixes (Never Say Never: The Remixes - Justin Bieber)
32 My Trashything that is My Nothing (My Everything - Ariana Grande)
33 Lil Uzi Pervert Vs.a Banana (Lil Uzi Vert vs. the World)
34 P.A.I.N. (F.A.M.E - Chris Brown)
35 U-No (Uno - Green Day)
36 Urinals (Journals - Justin Bieber)

Ha, lol! This is probably the funniest one!

37 Epic Fail (Epic - Blood on the Dancefloor)

What the album should actually be called.

38 All the Trash! This Album Has (All the Rage! - Blood on the Dancefloor)
39 Signs of Bad Music are This Song (Sign of the Times - Harry Styles)

I added a song...oops.

40 Sleeping Cause My Songs are Lame (Up All Night - One Direction)
41 Bad Bleach - Blood on the Dance Floor (Bad Blood)
42 St. Anus (St. Anger - Metallica)
43 Silencing the Sixty-Ninth Slide Whistle (Sounding the Seventh Trumpet - Avenged Sevenfold)
44 All the Right Reasons Never to Buy This Album (All the Right Reasons - Nickelback)
45 Hate U, Next (Thank U, Next Ariana Grande)
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1. Trashvoy (Starboy - The Weeknd)
2. Dangered Idiot Woman (Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande)
3. I'm Not a Fan but the Kids Hate It (I'm Not a Fan but the Kids Like It - Brokencyde)
1. #newwhoreorder (#newgoreorder - Borgore)
2. Dishonest (Honest - Future)
3. Very Careless World: Fries of the Ass King (Careless World: Rose of the Last King - Tyga)


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