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21 Crapstar (Blackstar - David Bowie)

Not a David Bowie hater, but this is hilarious! Lol! - AnimeDrawer

How Creative and Mature is this (Sarcasm) - christangrant

22 Wish You Were Gone (Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd)

I wish these funny insults would never stop (sarcasm) - christangrant

23 The Fail of Ziggy Stardust (The Rise of Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie)

That is funny too, even though I don't hate this album. - AnimeDrawer

Haha really funny (sarcasm) - christangrant

Because he fails

24 A Night in Hell (A Night at the Opera - Queen)

Actually this isn't insulting in fact that album title sounds cool - christangrant

25 Poop Friday (Pink Friday - Nicki Minaj)
26 Teenage Nightmare (Teenage Dream - Katy Perry)
27 Crazy Fails (Crazy Hits - Crazy Frog)
28 The Old Failure (The New Classic - Iggy Azalea)
29 Always Say Never: The Remixes (Never Say Never: The Remixes - Justin Bieber)
30 My Trashything that is My Nothing (My Everything - Ariana Grande)
31 Lil Uzi Pervert Vs.a Banana (Lil Uzi Vert vs. the World)
32 P.A.I.N. (F.A.M.E - Chris Brown)
33 U-No (Uno - Green Day)
34 Urinals (Journals - Justin Bieber)

Ha, lol! This is probably the funniest one! - AnimeDrawer

35 Let Go Screw Yourself (Let Go - Avril Lavigne)
36 Epic Fail (Epic - Blood on the Dancefloor)

What the album should actually be called. - AnimeDrawer

37 All the Trash! This Album Has (All the Rage! - Blood on the Dancefloor)
38 Signs of Bad Music are This Song (Sign of the Times - Harry Styles)

So true! - lovefrombadlands

39 Sleeping Cause My Songs are Lame (Up All Night - One Direction)
40 Crappybid Theory - Linkin Park (Hybrid Theory)

How about Die-bird Theory.

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