Top 10 Insulting Names for Movies


The Top Ten

1 Die-tanic (Titanic)

I'm Adding Zootropsucks And Suicidal Squashed When This List Gets Approved, (You Know What Movies The Are) - VideoGamefan5

2 Rusty Bibero: Always Say F**k (Justin Bieber: Never Say Never)

Lol! This is so hilarious! I live by this quote. Awesome one!

Dustbin Beaver - PeeledBanana

3 Dis-a**-ter Movie (Disaster Movie)
4 Zootropsucks (Zootopia)
5 Moan-a (Moana)
6 Crank and Pills (Jack and Jill)

What drugs the directors were on when they made this. - AlphaQ

How About "Cracks And Pills"? - VideoGamefan5

7 Suicide Got Squashed (Suicide Squad)
8 Hatred: The Atrocity (Fred: The Movie)

This is the worst comedy film ever made. This is one of the worst films I ever watched. AVOID THIS GARBAGE. - AlphaQ

How About If We Call Fred "Dread"? - VideoGamefan5

I Also Like The Hangover (It's A Fun Movie) - VideoGamefan5

9 50 S**ts of Torture (50 Shades of Gray)
10 Toast-en (Frozen)

This took a long time to think about. That's why it's only #5 - AlphaQ

The Contenders

11 The Fox who Weighs 420 Pounds (The Fox and the Hound)
12 Star Whores (Star Wars)
13 The Late of the Curious (The Fate of the Furious)
14 Fail Night (Rough Night)
15 Die-light (Twilight)

Lol also tuk eh lawng taime. - AlphaQ

16 The Last Failbender (The Last Airbender)
17 Duty of the Least (Beauty and the Beast)
18 The Cryin' King (The Lion King)
19 Finding Emo (Finding Nemo)
20 Finding Derpy (Finding Dory)
21 101 Dull Martians (101 Dalmatians)
22 Dread: The Monstrosity (Fred: The Movie)
23 Epic Failure Movie (Epic Movie)
24 Spider's Web: A Pig's Fail (Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale)
25 The Shroom (The Room)
26 The Egg-Whore-Sist (The Exorcist)
27 Bum of the North (Norm of the North)
28 Jurassic Whore (Jurassic World)
29 The Misadventures of Suck Boy and Jabba Girl (The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl)
30 Mars Kills Moms (Mars Needs Moms)
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1. Die-tanic (Titanic)
2. Moan-a (Moana)
3. Rusty Bibero: Always Say F**k (Justin Bieber: Never Say Never)
1. Zootropsucks (Zootopia)
2. Suicide Got Squashed (Suicide Squad)
3. Dis-a**-ter Movie (Disaster Movie)


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