Best Insults from Hell's Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay and the Hell's Kitchen contestants are known for their savage insults and witty comebacks. Here is a selection of the best (feel free to add)

The Top Ten

1 You f**king donkey

Every season Gordon has called someone a donkey. It's a classic - Aquaturtle

2 Fat sack of yankie dankie doodle piece of sh**e

When I saw this, I couldn't stop laughing. It's just dead waffle that's coming out of his mouth - Aquaturtle

3 Raw, raw, RAW!

One time he just said a line of 'raw's for a whole straight minute. That was so funny - Aquaturtle

4 You (x8) F**k off (x8) (back to the dorm/get out)

When he kicks people out the kitchen, it's so funny - Aquaturtle

5 Can you escot these ladies please? Back to plastic surgery

Even in the first episode, Gordon was a savage - Aquaturtle


6 Bison's p***s

Ramsay completely rekted Tennille - Aquaturtle

I meant Ramsay completely REKT Tennille
Although she got a lot better as the season went on - Aquaturtle

7 You do seriously surprise me... you surprise me by how s**t you are
8 I'll get you more pumpkin and I'll ram it up your f**king a***
9 Ghandi's flip flop
10 Non-stick!

The Contenders

11 Raj move your fat arse!
12 Don't whistle at me I'm not your f****** dog, yeah, you look more like a dog than I do.
13 Fine dining? A fine f******* mess!
14 F*** me? How about f*** you!!!!!!!!!!!!
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