Top 10 Intelligence Agencies In the World


The Top Ten

1 ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence)

The great thing is that they are least funded and yet perform great.

One of the best intelligence and nastiest spy agencies in the world

Because they are real hero of pakistan. Allah bless you always

No duh its isi

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2 RAW (Research and Analysis Wing)


So classified that it is impossible to get almost any information about it. Any.

Unlike the CIA, R&AW doesn't believe in releasing "De-Classified" files to boast of their successes. Fanboys will rate CIA, MI6 and NSA as the top agencies, but the real players are R&AW, Mossad and ISI. - blasphemian

3 CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)

Oh yeah the CIA otherwise known as the corrupt illiterate association. Kidnapping innocent Americans torturing them and drugging them in order to turn them into sleeper assassins. Hiring 125 high ranking Nazi officials and scientist to become intelligence agents for the CIA and scientist for NASA. In other words they kidnapped and drugged American's so they could brainwash them and turn them into assassins with help from Nazi scientist and that's just one crime on a long and I mean long list.

Oh yes the C.I. A aka the evil bastards association. Where do I start working together with Nazis in project paperclip drugging innocent Americans and brainwashing them watching over a massacre of innocent villagers in Vietnam and more

4 JIO (Joint Intelligence Organization)
5 Naicho (Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office)
6 CELD (Central External Liaison Department)
7 MI (Military Intelligence)

I don't get what is wrong with it.

8 FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)
9 Mossad (The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations)
10 DGSE (Directorate-General for External Security)

The Contenders

11 NSA (National Security Agency)

Spying all the people, good salaries, hacking and cracking everyday, best software and hardware... Please NSA is like a utopia for computer scientists!

12 Secret Intelligence Service (MI6)
13 NIS (National Intelligence Service) (Greece)

Good service with many victories! 😁

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