Top Ten Most Intense Hollywood Undead Verses

From johnny 3 Tears screaming about troubled youth to Charlie Scene Rapping about alcohol and sex, this list will cover the most intense verses rapped in Hollywood undead. Whether intense means intense in the case of a serious song or a party song, it's list will have it all the powerful and emotional raps from each member of HU.

The Top Ten Most Intense Hollywood Undead Verses

1 J-Dogg - Black Dahlia (2nd verse)

This is a very powerful verse. The emotion sang in this part is overwhelming. It's intense and really touches your heart. It's more than just the average song about being hurt. It goes further than that. It goes deeper than that.
It hits on suicide and self-harm, and it's hits on relationships and mental AND physical pain in so many ways. The lyrics are absolutely beautiful and well-written, as well as the emotion expressed through J-Dog's voice. It brought tears to my eyes.

I know it's not the most popular HU song but come on. This verse is insane. So much emotion, so much intensity and so much meaning. The songs lyrics (1st verse by Johnny 3Tears.) are talking about a relationship from 1st person. It talks about how a girl treated (Johnny and J-Dogg) like trash and turned them suicidal. This is the most intense verse and HU song I 've heard this far.

Quote: "Used to be Love Struck, Now I'm just F... Up! Roll up my sleeve and see the pattern of my cuts! " - Undead02

What is this? Eminem should be at top. None verse of any other artist should be above than any Eminem's verse.

How can a song be so powerful...

2 Johnny 3 Tears - Young (2nd verse)

(Dare I say) A Hollywood Undead Anthem, the song young has been a staple for HU since Swan Songs was released. Johnny 3 Tears shows insane amounts of emotion on this track, more specifically the second verse. The song deals with the struggles of American teenagers and other elements of struggle and depression. Mr. George Ragan could not have done a better job of putting emotion into this song. The intensity gives me chills every time.

Quote: "all together walk alone against all we've ever known. All we ever really wanted was a place to call our own." - Undead02

3 Charlie Scene - Undead (2nd verse)

The opening track to the bands Debut album Swan Songs. From start to finish, Undead is an insane blitzkrieg of destruction. It's hard to pick a specific part to call the most intense part. But I chose Charlie Scene's verse. I mean to me it has the most intensity behind it. It literally sounds like he's screaming through the entire verse. Which in all honesty he probably is. Not to take anything away from Johnny 3 Tears' verse in this song or J-Dogg's, they're both in rebut intense. This one just stands out to me like a sore thumb.

Quote: "how ignorant you gotta be to believe any of this? You need to slit your rist, get pissed and go jump off a bridge." - Undead02

One of the best verses

4 Johnny 3 Tears - Lion (2nd verse)

There will be quite a lot of Johnny 3 Tears verses on here. It's just not complete without mentioning "Lion" though. A track off the third Album, Johnny raps about either his daughter or his wife.. Not entirely sure. Nonetheless, tons of emotion and pain are put into this song by Johnny. You can hear the hurt behind the words that he spits. Probably cause his daughters hiding beneath the covers while he's hiding behind the pain.

Quote: "I'm sorry daughter but you're fathers not the same, I can look into your eyes and I swear that I will change, But tomorrow is tomorrow so forgive me if I say you can hide
Beneath the covers while I hide behind the pain! " - Undead02

This one has always been a very emotional, relatable Hollywood Undead verse to me. In this part Johnny raps about the way he can’t change, apologizing to his daughter; this is one of the few HU verses that are quite specific and open about a member’s struggles.

5 Johnny 3 Tears - City (2nd verse)

City will be the only song with two verses on here. I literally could not pick which one I wanted on here both verses, Charlie Scene and Johnny 3 Tears, they're Both so intense. The screaming the, the rhymes, the flow of the song in general. It's incredible. I love this song and I love then anger and emotion in this song. It's what I listen to when I get pissed off. One of HU's most underrated songs.

Quote: "as on heaven as on earth we've been dead since our birth! " - Undead02

6 Charlie Scene - Lights Out (2nd verse)

An unconfirmed diss towards former lead singer, Deuce, Lights Put is full of great roasts. The song is supposedly a response to deuces attempted diss (I emphasize "ATTEMPTED") on J-Dogg in the song "Story Of A Snitch" now where I stand on this matter, I think HU is better off without deuce, and deuce is better off without HU. But whether or not they need to stop dissing each other, I do t really care as long as they keep making songs like this one!

Quote: "Just you comin out here has got me provoked, now Imma cut your A.. Up like a line of coke, Imma roll your crew like a fat A.. Roach and put you in my ash tray cause you just got SMOKED! " - Undead02

7 Charlie Scene - Bullet (1st verse)
8 Charlie Scene - City (1st verse)

City will be the only song with two verses on here. I literally could not pick which one I wanted on here both verses, Charlie Scene and Johnny 3 Tears, they're Both so intense. The screaming the, the rhymes, the flow of the song in general. It's incredible. I love this song and I love then anger and emotion in this song. It's what I listen to when I get pissed off. One of HU's most underrated songs.

Quote: "all my battles have been won but the war has just begun! " - Undead02

9 Johnny 3 Tears - Outside (1st verse)

A more somber tone to a metal core ballad sounding song mixed with a high octave raspy/scream like chorus belted out by Danny, you've got a great song. Now add the incredible tone of suffering and the sound of being absolutely pissed off that Johnny 3 Tears brings to the table. Now you've got a haunting ballad that tells exactly what's wrong with the world right now. From start to finish you can't get enough of johnnys raps in this song. When it's over you just really wish it had one or two more verses in it.

Quote: "all the weight of all the world is right between your shoulders! Heavy is the heart when the world keeps growing colder." - Undead02

10 Charlie Scene - Apologize (2nd verse)

The Newcomers

? Funny Man - Bitches (1st Verse)
? J-Dogg - Lights Out (1st Verse)

The Contenders

11 Charlie Scene - Comin' In Hot (1st verse)

If you got jack in your cup go raise it up..

The 2nd party song on this list, Charlie Scene is just an animal on this verse. He manages to cover every ounce of partying concepts that there is to mention. Drinking, sex.. Oh well.. That appears to be it. Oh well. That does seem like an HU song. Great singing by Danny and also great rapping by funny man near the end. But over all, give the songs intensity credits to Jordan Terrell.

Quote: "I'm trying to get my rocks off so don't try to cock block, I'll blow my sawed-off and I'll blow your cock off" - Undead02

12 J3T - Pray (1st verse)


13 Johnny 3 Tears - Sell Your Soul (final verse)
14 Funny man - My Town (1st verse)
15 J-Dogg - We Are (1st verse)
16 Johnny 3 Tears - Paradise Lost (1st verse)


17 J-Dogg - Hear Me Now (1st verse)
18 Johnny 3 Tears - No. 5 (2nd verse)

It's appropriate that No. 5 landed at number 5 on this list. Some may say it's a little high on the list but regardless of the stupidity in this song, it's a fan favorite and it's got some pretty intense lyrics. Both Johnny and Charlie Scene rap freakishly fast (for an HU song that is) and use lyrical content that they spit so fast that you can't help but think "..did I hear that right?.. Is that what he said?.." (Also GREAT scream by DaKurlzz)

Quote: "I'm about to serve it up for all you partygoers, scene kids, meat heads, alchis' stoners" - Undead02

19 Funny Man - War Child (2nd verse)
20 J-Dogg - Been To Hell (1st Verse)

This verse is SO intense.One of the best in the history of the band.

Welcome to the city that will bring you to your knees
It will make you beg for more in til you can't even breathe
Your blindfold is on tight but you like what you see
so follow me into the night cause I got just what you need

21 J-Dogg - Dead Bite (3rd Verse)
22 Charlie Scene - Disease (1st verse)
23 Johnny 3 Tears - California (1st verse)
24 Johnny 3 Tears - S.C.A.V.A. (1st Verse)
25 Charlie Scene - Everywhere I Go (2nd verse)
26 Johnny 3 Tears - Usual Suspects (2nd verse)
27 Charlie Scene - Day Of the Dead (2nd verse)
28 Danny - Believe (1st verse)
29 J-Dogg - Levitate (1st Verse)
30 Johnny 3 Tears - Tendencies (1st verse)
31 Johnny 3 Tears - The Diary (1st verse)

Very deep verse off one of my favorite songs

32 Charlie Scene - Usual Suspects (Final Verse)
33 Johnny 3 Tears - Undead (1st Verse)
34 Deuce - Black Dahlia (3rd Verse)
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