Most Interesting Andy Warhol Superstars

The Superstars were a motley crew of artists, singers, bored trust fund kids and socialites, drag queens, transgendered people, models, and others who were part of Warhol's world in the 60s and 70s. Warhol was making films and putting them in it and declaring them "superstars." Much has been written, documented, filmed, and sung about them. However, heretofore, there has not been a Top Tens list, the last frontier of celebrity. Lou Reed's song, "Take a Walk on the Wild Side" references many Superstars...

The Top Ten

1 Candy Darling

There's a wonderful documentary about her that was released in 2010 called "Beautiful Darling". She was a trans woman who was the muse of sorts to the Velvet Underground. - Blue_Devereaux

2 Nico
3 Edie Sedgwick
4 Joe Dallesandro

Warhol's photo of Dallesandro's crotch is the cover of the Rolling Stones album, "Sticky Fingers". If you're familiar with the album, then you have some idea of what made Dallesandro very popular. - Blue_Devereaux

5 Holly Woodlawn
6 Ultra Violet
7 Brigid Berlin

Excellent documentary about her is "Pie in the Sky: The Brigid Berlin Story." - Blue_Devereaux

8 Jackie Curtis
9 Ondine

Interesting tidbit--he said he met Warhol at an orgy in 1961 - Blue_Devereaux

10 Baby Jane Holzer
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