Top 10 Most Interesting Cities

What cities are amazing- full of culture—— according to YOU!

The Top Ten

1 Jerusalem, Israel

So old, religious, and full of amazing culture! - jmoss

2 Hanoi, Vietnam Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam’s capital is an explosion of culture! - jmoss

3 Astana, Kazakhstan Astana, Kazakhstan

The former soviet country, Kazakhstan, boasts its beutifull capital, Astana! - jmoss

4 Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town, South Africa

Jam packed with AFRICAN culture! - jmoss

5 Kyoto, Japan Kyoto, Japan

Old Yet’s so stunning! - jmoss

6 Dammam, Saudi Arabia Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Inside a warm, secrete country, by the azure ocean, is Damman... the oasis of Arabia! - jmoss

7 Djibouti, Djibouti

Djibouti (city) has the same name as its country- as it is some small... but amazing! 🇩🇯 - jmoss

8 Tel Aviv-Yafo Tel Aviv-Yafo

Wild Israel by the med! - jmoss

9 Mogadishu, Somalia Mogadishu, Somalia

П' Still recovering a civil war...but beutifull! - jmoss

10 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The Contenders

11 Athens, Greece Athens, Greece
12 Paris, France Paris, France

Speaking of culture... - Metal_Treasure

13 Rome, Italy Rome, Italy
14 Saint Petersburg, Russia Saint Petersburg, Russia
15 Prague, Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic
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