Most Interesting Engineering Discipline

It was known to us that there’s no such stuff as easiest or hardest engineering field because each discipline has its own easy and difficult part. But how about we talk about how interesting an engineering field might be? We are now living in a contemporary age where technology is very dominant, perhaps it would not be hard for us to decide.

The Top Ten

1 Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering, the mother of all engineering. What made this field interesting was that it was already existing before all the other disciplines. The applications are design in infrastructures, bridges, roads, dams and other stuff. - joshsanz

Civil Engineering was the one that started everything. It deserves to be on top, as I am also an aspiring Civil Engineer.

2 Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is the heart and brain of industrial revolution. This discipline is so broad that you might even get into space or outside the world when you try to study its principles. The applications in this field include power stations, automobiles, cooling and heating systems, aircrafts, weaponry and even some spacecrafts. - joshsanz

3 Aerospace Engineering
4 Electrical Engineering
5 Environmental Engineering
6 Chemical Engineering
7 Electronics Engineering
8 Computer Engineering



9 Petroleum Engineering
10 Nuclear Engineering
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