Top Ten Interesting Facts About Pirates

I was obsessed with Pirates at a young age, I also decided to do a little more research for this list. Enjoy ^.^

The Top Ten

1 Black Beard Was the Most Feared Pirate
2 Fighting on Board Was Strictly Forbidden
3 Most Pirates Used a Simple Black Flag Instead of a Jolly Roger (A Skull and Crossbones)

Then where did the Jolly Roger come from I wonder...

4 They Believed Whistling on a Boat Would Cause the Weather to Go Bad
5 It Was Forbidden to Gamble with Cards and Dice on Board Ship
6 Pirates Believed Wearing Earrings Would Improve Their Eyesight

Wait. Are you saying that it doesn't? And I've been wearing these things for Nothing?! - Billyv

@Billyv - haha, if you have vision problems it was probably for Nothing - Metal_Treasure

7 Pirates Believed Having Women on Board Their Ship Was Bad Luck

Lol, they were very superstitious, weren't they?

8 Davy Jones Was Sailor Slang for Devil

So that basically means "Davy Jones' Locker" was synonymous with Hell, I'm guessing... - RoleplayerR

...and a devilish Monkee as well. - Billyv

9 Pirate Captains Would Change Out of Their Fancy Clothing If There Was a Chance They Might Be Captured
10 Almost All Pirates Stole Ships

The Contenders

11 They Wore Puffy Shirts
12 Samuel "Black Sam" Bellamy is the wealthiest pirate in recorded history.

His total wealth was something like 130 million in today's U.S. dollars. He was also known for his mercy and generosity toward those he captured during raids.

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