Top Ten Most Interesting Facts About Santa Claus

The Top Ten Most Interesting Facts About Santa Claus

1 He visits 75 million homes in less than 31 hours

He drinks 24 million glasses of sherry in almost every house.

Most people shouldn't belive this. This isn't even possible.

That is why Santa Claus/Father Christmas belief is for little kids. When you grow up you learn about Saint Nicolas.
Early England with Father Christmas who was not like that and was a man for performance not for children, was thin, had a beard and dressed in green.

I agree with this.

Most people shouldn't belive this. This isn't even possible.

2 He is more than 1,700 years old

Santa Claus has been around for centuries, beloved by generations

All the alcohol he drinks.

3 He travels about 5,083,000 mph

I told my sister (she still believes) that we never see him because he is basically the Flash. - Cyri

4 His bag carries 840,000 tons of toys
5 He has flying reindeer
6 He consumes about 336,150,386 cookies

There are starving children in Africa who could have eaten those cookies! - TwilightKitsune

He consumes about 336, 150, 386 mince pies, dunno how much alcohol he drinks.

7 He travels at about 650 miles per second
8 He's not real

Just the reason I was looking for

Unless you count the Father Christmases from before Victorian England, when they performed on stage were not fat, but had a beard, wore green and had nothing to do with children.

Very true. He is made-up. SIKE! He is very real indeed! Get SHREKT!

My mom tried to make me think he was real by lying and other stuff when I was 18 and a half

9 He lives at the North Pole

He lives in Lapland.

10 He would weigh about 400 million pounds

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11 He is also known as St. Nicholas, Father Christmas, Grandfather Frost and Kris Kringle

He is based on Saint Nicholas.

His original name was Father Christmas.

12 He is based on St. Nicholas of Bari
13 Mickey Mouse is more well-known than him

I got this from Matthew Santoro - 445956

14 He lives in Lapland
15 Deliver 3,520,260,968 gifts in a night
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