My Autobiography

Published September 28 / September 29

I was born on the 18th day of the ninth month, 2003, as my moms first child and my dad's eighth while my dad was 34 years old and my mom was 26. My mom wasn't planning to have me, she did not even love my father, and they never got married. At the time my mother lived with her grandmother, my great grandmother. The house was one they have lived in for years and it wasn't in the greatest neighborhood, it was in the ghetto. My dad lived further away and denied that I was his child, not helping my mother raise me. I would stay there till I was 11 years old.

My father had issues with alcohol and drugs, and some times ignored his kids, never paying child support. My mom could not work nor could my great grandmother so we had to go on well fare, and my mom struggled to make ends meet, and my dad struggled in general. He would party and neglect me when I came over, drinking and doing drugs. He also abused my mother, hitting her, trying to kill her in front of me, and breaking her nose.

His family also ignored his 8th child. His mother stayed out of my life when she could have been involved. The one time I did see her in my life, she ignored me and refused to talk to me. She did not like my mother. I suppose that meant she would dislike me for no obvious reason also. She was originally widowed, he first husband was a police officer who died suddenly. He was the father of her first child, my father. Then she married another man after he died. She had about 5 children, three sons and two daughters.

My brother was born in June 2006. He was my half brother because he had a different father. I never liked him even when he was a baby, when my mom brought him home I was surprised he had to lie with us. He was my moms second child. I thought she had him to give to the hospital. Then again, I was 3 years old at the time. He lived in a two bedroom house with me, my mom, and great grandmother. In 2006, a few weeks after my brother was born, my great grandmother died.

My father died on June 14, 2007. His actual death was a mystery but what is known for sure is that he was going to swim with my now 22 year old sister, and she could no longer hear sound, and then his body was recovered, he was said to have got caught in a undertow and have died. He was only 37, and had 8 children and this theory does not exactly fit. He was not a swimming person, nor was he acting "normal." We will never know what truly happened. I was not able to come to his funeral, but know his ashes were either buried or dumped on his grand parents grave, grave site was confirmed now.

In late August 2008, I started kindergarten. I was never able to make friends and had trouble writing and concentrating in class. Eventually I got glasses, which helped. I still had trouble paying attention and making friends, and will, to this day. One event I remember very clearly was in fall of 28, a boy was annoying me by holding his magazine in my face, so I picked up the hardcover books I was holding and hit him in the face with it. I got in trouble. The teacher would not give me a sticker for the day, so I started crying.

During recess I would just walk around ignoring people, because, as stated before, I had trouble making friends. Everyone would ignore me also. Sometimes I would talk to the teachers or purposely sit on the fence, there punishment in those days. I would pick up piles of leaves and sticks out of boredom. And I never got the games other people played. I always ignored them I guess. I didn't like recess then, and I did not like lunch because of the food. I also did not like to socialize.

I would hate my school work as a kindergartner, saying it was always to hard and I don't want to do it. I still do that on occasion, and I have never really cared for school work. I always would try to ignore other classmates, and not say much when they did try to talk to me. I really am sort of like that still.

In late August 2010, my brother was born. He was my second youngest brother, and my moms first with my step dad. I always like my second youngest better then the one three years older then me. My teacher was also nice, and I was in the advanced group at reading in second grade. We read books like The Magic Tree House, which I liked as a second grader. But I would not like school, including lunch or recess. They gave us assigned seats at lunch, and I did not particularly care for anyone around me, so I only ignored them.

In 2011, I was in third grade. I had a nice teacher, but there was very annoying people I hated in my grade, so I ignored them mostly. One of my teachers was also very mean, and she talked with a Valley girl accent. I didn't do so good in her class, but I can remember the exact layout of her classroom... that is very bad.

In early August 2012, my youngest brother was born, my moms second child with my stepdad. I was in fourth grade, everything but math was easy but I had no friends, nor did I any year before. Fourth was my favorite year of school, just because of the teachers and they would hold auctions to but stuff with behavior tickets at the end of the quarter. I thought they were so much greater back then then I do now as a 14 year old...

In 2015, I started at a new school with a new group. One boy was not nice, and by not nice I mean... you don't want to know. Anyways, he would get other people to talk about me. He would get me to feel bad about myself just to feel good about himself, and block my locker every day and tell the teacher I did stuff I did not do to appear innocent and naive. He would make me leave the table, steal my locker key and lock, and say I liked depression stuff. He did more then that though. He was being bullied but I could not feel sorry for him after all he did and said to me and about me.

I got separated from him in classes for 8th grade, and still have him in some of my classes for ninth grade, but if he causes a problem, I will stick up for myself this time. I am now 14, and in 9th grade.

In 2016, on July 1, 2016, about, I joined the top tens as Music_Lover123 but I had two earlier accounts, one of which I did nothing on. Eventually I started to prefer metal and rock. I still do. I passed 8th grade last quarter with a 3.75 GPA.

Also in either August or July, but it was most likely late July 2016, I started doing pottery classes. I have been doing pottery for a year now, and it is a great way to relieve stress if the meaner instructor is not there. I would go everyday, and even though the girls in the class were very annoying and not nice to me, I still went when I could.

On August 1, 2016, my great aunt died. She was very nice and would baby sit us, give us candy bars, very big ones, for Halloween. She was first diagnosed when I was in 4th grade, 4 years earlier. Her cancer was terminal and spread through out her body weakening her and leaving her very weak and pale. During her last days, she could not eat or get up. She could hardly talk. Her death shocked me because she was young, only in her early 50s, and she was important in my earlier life.


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