Top Ten Interesting Facts About TheTopTens Statistics of January 2015

The Top Ten

1 Music Artists You'd Like To Perform At The 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies is still the most popular list

Yeah, that list is really getting me strained - SuperBacca

WHY does those lists STILL gets vote? - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

This was years ago. Delete the list! - Minecraftcrazy530

I can't believe that list still gets votes. - RockFashionista

2 Admin has one comment

And what is it? Maybe it's the most important comment of all, like Marcel Marceau's line in Silent Movie - Billyv

His keyboard must've broke... - DapperPickle

And I'm proud to have the list with Admin's sole comment! - Turkeyasylum

3 Best Religions is the 32nd most popular list on TheTopTens

I feel like everything in my feed is just someone voting on this list. And the comments are quite vicious... - keycha1n

I'm not religious. I think its all rubbish. - gemcloben

That's really offensive, but I hate this list for other reasons - simpsondude

How does it get so much attention? - Turkeyasylum

Probably the same way one Greatest Person constantly gets consecutive rapid votes - Bots! - Billyv

4 Puga is not even in the top 100 member scores anymore

I can't check out the stats since my iPhone won't let me (I would appreciate it if someone sent a link) but if this is true I'll feel like hitting myself on the head with a frying pan. - Puga

The member score system rates quantity over quality. I hate to use myself as an example, but I'm only at #44, despite having been here over a year. - PetSounds

I don't get how he isn't in there. Maybe it was the 2 accounts. - Turkeyasylum

Last time I checked he was no.49 - PatrickStar

5 Gemcloben wrote over 500 comments in 7 days

Congratulations. I have written about 500 in the 6 months I've been here. - IronSabbathPriest

And this exact comment is my 1000th! - gemcloben

Yeah, that was fun. - gemcloben

I now have 2000! - gemcloben

6 PositronWildhawk (most comments) has almost 3000 more comments than Britgirl (second most comments)

That's a huge gap. - Turkeyasylum

7 PatrickStar has more followers than Kiteretsunu

I mean, he's a good user, but how does he have the 4th most followers? - Turkeyasylum

PatrickStar is no bad user, but this is absurd in every way. - PositronWildhawk

He's good, but kiteretsunu is a legend - gemcloben

8 Keyson, Garythesnail, BigBrotherSucks, and JaysTop10List reached 1000 comments from December to January

It's a big accomplishment, now you're about 1/7 of the way to PositronWildhawk! - Turkeyasylum

And you've already passed me, Turkey?! Judas H. Priest, you guys post a lot. - PetSounds

9 Biscuits has the 6th most votes per list

I was expecting that, because of lists like "Worst Songs Of All Time" or "Saddest Songs". - Turkeyasylum

I'm not really surprised. - gemcloben

10 Epicjake has at least 1,200 comments, 110 lists & 220 remixes

This is true. Look at the stats to see my score. - EpicJake

The Contenders

11 Alexandr still has the highest member score

He definitely deserves to stay at the top! I can hardly even imagine passing 500 lists! That being said... I don't think I've ever even seen TheTopTens stats! - keycha1n

And it's not a surprise to me. - Turkeyasylum

I don't get it, how can you even get member scores... ? - DapperPickle

Well that's a surprise. - gemcloben

12 Simpsondude has 100 followers

I only have about 40 - gemcloben

13 SevenLizards has more followers than EvilAngel

He did. SevenLizards deleted his account months ago. - Minecraftcrazy530

14 Ozzydog12 got over 500,000 votes on his lists in 7 days
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