My Extremely Long Autobiography

IronSabbathPriest Hi, my name is Jack. Here is my long auto bio which will explore all 14 years of my life, my adventures and misadventures and many more. I doubt that anyone will read this, but if you are, feel free to comment and stuff.

Born on 26th December 2000 in Newcastle Upon Tyne in England, I am the the second of 3 brothers. However my older brother is 9 years older than me. I barely remember my first house, apart from the fact it had a brown staircase. I am the king of randomness.

Anyways, my life soon changed. In April 2004, my younger brother was born, I don't remember bieng jelous or anything. Probably because I was 3 and I wasn't exactly the "Plotting to kill" type.

My life soon changed again. In 2005, my family moved to Darlington, a town just south of Newcastle. It's where my grandparents on my mothers side lived. As soon as we moved into our new house however, I instantly developed a fear of the television aerial across the road. Don't ask me why because I honestly don't know. Thankfully, my growing maturity allowed me to overcome the fear within weeks. Although I never felt too comfortable whenever I looked out of the bathroom window and you could see the aerial.

Reception, (or Kindergarten for you americans) was pretty cool. I made some friends, played with toys, and had a good time. However YEAR ONE was terrible.

My first teacher was a right old bitch. I still hate her. She told me off for stuff I didn't even do. OK, I did do this one thing, playing on the ramps at school. Apparently that was against the rules, but even so, is it fair that the punishment should be: stay in at break time and copy out of a dictionary?

Thankfully, the teacher went into labour about halfway throught the year. I thought that the backup teacher was going to be better. I thought wrong. Again, play on the ramps. Stay in at break. I even threatened to call the police at one point, that got my parents involved, which got me into even more trouble. I even got my Doctor Who comics confiscated!

Year 2 was a lot better though. I had abetter teacher and life was good enough. I would play with my best frien and my other friends and it was cool. I miss those times. Although I did get a detention for something I didn't do, but I thought "f*** that" and didn't go. And it never got mentioned again, so I think I made the right decision.

Year 3 came as a bit of a surprise. We couldn't play with toys nearly as much as we could in previous years. We also had a pretty strict teacher. Although she wasn't nearly as bad as my year 1 teachers.

By the fall of 2009, I had made friends all across the school, of all countries and religions. My primary school was famous for having polish students and Hindus and Muslims and stuff. I had branched out a lot. Year 4 was awesome and once again we had two teachers. And once again, both were considerably better than the ones i'd had 3 years previously.

Who am I kidding? I'm boring you all to death. We need Anecdotes! I suppose there was this one time... Me, my dad and my younger brother, were out flying as kite. And it got stuck in the tree. And was ruined. I swear we spent longer trying (and failing) to get the kite out of the tree, than flying it. Is that an anecdote?

We also got our dog, Charlie, in 2010. He,s almost five now, but he's still only the size of a nine month old dog. But he's great, and I don't want him to change.

2011 was sick! The best year ever! Even the time I got my Xbox 360 confiscated was all part of the build up to things. I would go round to my best friend's every week. Both of our family holidays were awesome. And life was good. This was also the time I got into heavy metal music. I listened to Iron Maiden and thought: "Wow, this band is good!" And there began my journey.

In late 2011/early 2012, my dad got a better job in London. And my family began to look at more convenient housing in the south of England. We spent months preparing, and in the summer of 2012, we finally moved down here. To the house where I am typing this. It was sad leaving. And i'm not scared to say, that although I like my new house and secondary school, I've always prefered my younger life.

My addiction for Iron Maiden music reached its full extent. In 2013, I went out and bought ALL of their albums that my dad did not already own. And on August 3rd 2013, me and dad were lucky enough to see them in the London O2 arena! It was an amazing night, and I hope I can see them again.

Funnily enough though, after the thrill of the concert had worn down, I began to get into other bands such as Megadeth and Metallica (In that order, believe it or not).

All through 2014, I got into even more awesome bands such as, Black Sabbath, Iced Earth, Judas Priest, Pantera, and most recently: Dream Theater.

Lets go back in time, towards the beginning of 2014. My family volunteered to look after a guide dog puppy during his puppy years, because he was too young to go straight into guide dog training. He left some time in December 2014. His abscence affected us all. I still miss him. Hopefully we'll get him back in 7-8 years when he retires.

So thats pretty much it. My life up to now. I made my toptens account in July 2014, and have gained a following that I can't complain about. If you would like to comment, feel free. I hope people read this. Because I just spent 45 minutes typing it up. :-) Have a nice day.


Wow. Good luck in future years. :D
I also got my dog in 2010. And my favourite year was 2011 also. 2011 was awesome for me.
Good luck on reaching some awesome follower milestones like 50 and 100 followers.
And on a final note, you've inspired me to write my own autobiography. It will be depressing. Because my life is, you guessed it, depressing.

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Sorry about all the cussing, it probably wasn't needed in some places. - IronSabbathPriest

Hah, I do it all the time. Although not here, I do it elsewhere, and a lot more than you would think.

Good luck, and if you're planning on college you can choose your career path and your classes. - NuMetalManiak

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